You block the flow… Spiritual Practices to get you out of your prison

98575990_24_news_la_346792cThis article is 15 months old. I can track how far I have come in 15 months… And can celebrate… it’s new freedom day for me…

Few people are intelligent.

Intelligence is a state where you can see the sameness, where you see that life has no boundaries.

Of course it seems as if there were boundaries, but it’s an illusion… cells have walls, but it is permeable, you have skin, but it is permeable, you are a human, but you are just like everything else, built of cells, like most every living being, have genes, like every living being, and your body performs chemical miracles, every living moment.

But most importantly, you live as if you were an island.

You are locked into “I”, and you are locked out of life.

All your fears are a result of living as if you were threatened, the “I”.

You don’t want your carefully preserved separateness upset, and you know that the work I ask you to do will. Why? because you are NOT intelligent.
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Your current “core” identity. How to find it, how to build a better one?

your core identityI have written in a previous post that I discovered that my hidden identity is “worthless piece of junk = unwanted”. I use the word junk, because this expression is a translation from my native Hungarian. In the original the expression is closer to “nothing” than anything, by the way. But in English, I am afraid, that won’t communicate. “I am nothing”, does it?

From time to time I notice it “informing my mood, informing my actions.”

I found a blog that I enjoy reading. The writer of the blog is intelligent, inventive, and although we have a different base world view (he prays, I don’t) I like his blog a lot. I researched him this morning. All the pictures on his blog are white folks… turns out he is a good looking Black guy from Florida.

Hm. What must be his “core” identity that he won’t show his face on his blog?
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Interesting new vibrational reviews, Carlos Castaneda, Mantak Chia, and some pseudonames

Machaelle Small Wright vibrational review
Machaelle Small Wright author of “Behaving as if the God in All Life Mattered” First off, when I asked to connect to Machaella, there was no such person. Then I asked to connect to the author of the book above, and then I connected. The author seems to be a man. WTF? This has never happened to me… personal vibration: 180. Truth value: 170. The whole ouvre vibration: 200

Mantak Chia is a Taoist Master. He is best known for his teaching Taoist practices under the names of Healing Tao, Tao Yoga, Universal Healing Tao System and Qigong. Personal vibration: 240. Deep seated fear
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Dreams: scary dreams, guiding dreams, fear vs intuition

I use everything for guidance. My method of guidance is one of the magicians of The Soaring Method use for guidance. (Carlos Castaneda demonstrates it well in his Journey to Ixtlan… He calls the two, signs and omen.) But the inner guide, the intelligence that you need to develop and then communicate with, the part of you that sees with 360 degree cone of vision, sees the Big Picture. Your intellect, your eyes, your mind can only see a narrow cone of vision.

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