Gurus who offer instant enlightenment, instant solution to your miserable life thrive… Ever asked yourself why?

people lining up for shaktipatEvery offer for something instant is a fraud. In every area of life… spirituality, health, weight, tinnitus, hair loss, erectile dysfunction, business, marketing, traffic, success, everything. But…

You flock to them. The main reason you come to my site is to find the “right guru” for you… The right instant solution.

17 years ago I met a guy and we started dating. He was weird, he did hands-on energies, spoke with a breathy voice, and had a guru. He told me that you don’t choose your guru, your guru chooses you. He talked about shaktipat… where the guru touches you with a peacock feather and your kundalini rises and you have an instant enlightenment. He drank, took drugs, meditated, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on energy attunements… I told you he was weird.

But he was influential to my evolution.

Through him I found out that I was an empath. He said clairsensar, but when I told that to people they didn’t understand… but empath, it seems most people know what it is… so be it, I’ll call myself an empath… Continue reading “Gurus who offer instant enlightenment, instant solution to your miserable life thrive… Ever asked yourself why?”

My little contest to move you into a capacity you need

I am always suspicious of things, books, movies, series, that are best sellers.

Why? Because if it is likeable by the masses, then it probably is full of low vibration stuff.

The other day I didn’t feel like reading heavy duty stuff, I was craving story. Stories are very important to humans: you get that as you can. Most, alas, gets it in gossip. Facebook, trash sites, click-bait and such.

The vibrational level of gossip is 70. Adjust your vibration to get closer and closer to 70.

Sitting in the living room, pretending to do your own work, while others gossip: you would be sitting in your bedroom if you would ever want to be higher vibration.
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What life did you choose in the first hour of your day? The Backdrop

being-firstEvery day works best if and when you have a context set in the first hour of the day. 1

For most of you this is the same old, same old, because you put your attention to everything the same old way. I am not saying you should DO something different every morning, that is not what I am saying.

Doing different will not set the context, doing different will not change your beingness, doing different will not change what is the backdrop that all of life, everything that happens during that day, will happen.

Context, backdrop are beingness phenomena… They are like hunger.

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More on fitness and vibration… using my own example

stepperYou may need to do a lot of preparation work before you can start doing the work in earnest

As I said, raising your vibration is like fitness. 1

Vibration is like fitness: no matter your ethnicity, no matter your starting point, you can raise it.
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Damage control, reputation management and my vibrational reviews

online-reputation-managementI started to publish my vibrational reviews four years ago.

The first public notice by a person I reviewed was about a year ago. But today I get a ton of comments, where the commenter doesn’t even look at the article, goes straight to the comments page…

Damage control. Reputation management. 1 Trying to drown out my voice.

I don’t care. I just delete the comments, and go on with my day.

But obviously someone really cares: my truthful vibrational reviews cut into their revenues, so it hurts.

Do I like that? I don’t. But as long as you can’t tell whether a program will work or not, whether you are wasting your money or not, I am going to keep these reviews on the site.

What do you think?

Vibrational reviews: Matt Kahn, Jean Houston, Ph.D.

Matt Kahn personal vibration is 130. B.S. artist… totally inauthentic. What he does is completely 91% ineffective. Thank god, he doesn’t put attachments on you, at least not in his audios. If you are one of my students, you’ll be able to appreciate the quality of the video below, designed to dupe the stupid even more.

Jean-Houston-Ph.DJean Houston, Ph.D. Review: I got an email about a new program by Jean Houston. I had never heard about her, so I checked how effective she is in teaching you to live a live aligned with a purpose… that she also teaches you to find.

This is what I measured: Jean Houston, plagued with anxiety, her vibration is 130… So she doesn’t even live on the street level, she lives in the catacombs level… not a very good level for teaching, unless it is OK to teach what is already in your mind.

How effective is she to teach people to find and live their life purpose: 3%. Truth value of what she teaches: 7%. In addition to that, this is my personal addition: she is darn expensive for being this ineffective. These are her one-on-one results…

I will add more vibrational reviews to this thread as I see people who are searched for on my site

Shall I measure your vibration when you are your best, or when you are your worst?

This week I have been working to make my vibrational reviews more accessible, easier to find. I didn’t realize: it’s a lot of work.

Then someone requested a vibrational review on a person I have never heard about. I started to investigate, and could not see how she can be so famous and such low vibration. Personal vibration 100, fame: through the roof.

Asking myself this question made my Reticular Activator start working in earnest.
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Vibrational Reviews: Prelandra, Julie Renee Doering, etc.

Please remember that these are not value judgments, these are vibrational reviews measuring the alignment of a person, or a modality to the Original Design. Please…

Vibrational Review: Perelandra

Machaelle Wright: personal vibration: 270
Science/knowledge (overall) (how well it matches the Original Design): 200
products (overall): 200

Julie Renee Doering
People that have obviously fake, practiced smile; that have spent hours upon hours in front of the mirror the decide how much of their teeth should show, don’t have my vote of confidence. They obviously try to create a fake persona, because who they are needs to be hidden.

When you look at who the “guru’s” friends and clients are, you also see: fakes attract fakes, and that’s that. The more fake someone is, the more fake their clients are.
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Updated: Case Study: Inelia Benz

Update June 2014: A reader asked if I am still afraid of Inelia Benz… so I made a mistake and I connected to her. Immediately I got three energetic attachments, also known as Dark Side attachments designed to kill.

An energetic attachment is much like heart worm: it goes deep and it blocks life force, and eventually makes you sick and kill you.

The male person also mentioned in the footnote, does the same thing… the attachments do the same, and attach at a similar place… I have had people listening to these “teachers” come to me for attachment removal. It is nasty to remove…

I had to connect to measure her vibration… it is 100. Low and nasty.

Original Article from 2011:
inelia benz review Inelia Benz

All the people I have reviewed or critiqued, I have had no fear. Not so with Inelia Benz. I am afraid. 1

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Do I judge the people I write about? Gurus, healers, teachers and such?

wrong wrong wrong

Making something wrong vs distinguishing what is so

Judging, the word, the activity, implies that there is a right and there is a wrong. There isn’t… so when you are judging, you are already involved in what we call “the Dark Side”…

I get emails from quite a few people that say that I am an angry, that I am a low vibration person because I write about people and their actions saying that they are low vibration, or whatever they say… just read my vibrational reviews.

What is missing for these people is the distinction above: being able to tell is something is a make-wrong statement or if something is a what is so statement. If something is a judgment or if something is a matter of fact of stating the facts I can glean from what I see.

One of my students has a son who is a bed-wetter. I used to be a bed-wetter, so I know a whole lot about the inner world of a bed-wetter.
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