Change the context, get a surprising result: the increase of your TLB

I read articles. Mostly from Medium. And I found this one in my inbox today… I could have said: I already know this… and I would have missed a conclusion that is very important to YOU…

Don’t know what TLB is?… It is your Twitchy Little Bastard score… when it is low, you are weak at doing the deed… you run for the hill, you quit, you have no patience, no vision… you are likely a disappointed little victim of life. You can read more here… but you don’t need it. Just read this article. I’ll summarize it at the end.

This Stanford Study Reveals Why Some People Are More Likely To Succeed Than Others.

Photo by Pete Wright on Unsplash. Article by Mayo Oshin

In the 1960s, psychologist and professor at Stanford University, Walter Mischel, noticed something fascinating about the behaviour of his daughters.

Mischel observed that his three daughters — aged three, four and five years old — rapidly developed the ability to delay gratification.

They transformed from being unable to resist short-term pleasure to having more self-control over their desires.
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4 principles of a life that is enjoyable, fulfilling and financially rewarding at the same time.

I look at my dreams as guidance.

Now, you need to know that I almost never dream a whole story… I dream moods. Some situations.

Last night I dreamed about going back to Israel, meeting people I had known, experiencing their attitude towards me. Wasn’t pleasant.

And just before I woke up I was shown the theme I am going to write about.

You see, everyone wants to know what they are supposed to have as a purpose to their lives. Even some students, inexplicably ask this question after years of studying with me. Boggles the mind.

The answer to the questions is simple. Ask a better question.

A better question would be how to live life that it’s enjoyable, fulfilling and financially rewarding at the same time.

That question has a lot of potential.
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When you love yourself, you love your life

I love my life because I love myselfObserve yourself: you do well, you get somewhere on time, you get to finish the project, you make yourself proud: and suddenly all that love spills out to your life. You smile under the blanket, and you ask: what happened?

This article will examine why you love yourself when you do, and what can you do that you can love yourself more of the time.
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The secret method to instantly change life

Be-the-change-you-want-to-seeContext is like meaning… it is not part of what it is referring to, it is added to it, by a human. And if it is added, then you have a lot of freedom about it: if you can see, that is.

Most people can’t see the forest for the trees… so if you are like that, you won’t see context, until you look deeper. Beyond the obvious. Beyond your automatic. Beyond your machine-like, conditioned, pre-determined ways.

Why context is decisive, and what it decides if it is so decisive

I have been repeating and repeating this idea, that context is decisive. Finally, yesterday, I managed to get it through, or so it seemed, on the Playground.

Context is the hidden part of everything, the hidden agenda. Everyone has hidden agendas, some more than others, some time more than other times.
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Transformational methods to get you unstuck

Or how to set the context to alter the story and therefore alter your actions?

Whether you know it or not, your relationship to life is stiff, inflexible, and therefore ineffective.

You look at things, always, from the same exact perspective, and therefore you see, always, the same old, same old life: good or bad, the same.

transformationThe Sideways Method

I have taught you previously a move, that can transform your reality, the sideways view.

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Turning your life around on a dime… or how to become a winner in life

when nothing goes right, go leftIn this article I am going to illustrate a method of turning your life around, going from mundane, boring, safe, and probably unhappy, to a life that excites you, a life of adventure, and joy.

The example is real: I went through this just about an hour ago… so it is real and it’s fresh. Here you go:

I have been waking up every morning disappointed that I woke up. I have had the

“I only woke up in the morning because I didn’t die the night before”

This morning I sat on the edge of my bed, looking at this mood, curiously. The “I” that was watching, was sympathetic and compassionate to the miserable “I” that was sitting on the edge of the bed.

“But it makes no difference,” the miserable I said. “People are set in their ways, the dark side wins by numbers, and no matter what I do, it makes no difference… not really!” it continued its whining.
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