Pinpoint accuracy or shotgun method?

There are really two types of people when it comes to making more money: one group will chase the mirage, the lottery approach, winning, betting on schemes… and the other, the tiny group that sees that making more money is a natural fallout of becoming worth a damn. 1

I am interested in talking to the second group, the tiny group.

You see, knowing that you should become worth a damn is nice and dandy… but knowing with pinpoint accuracy where you aren’t… what it is that you need to do next to increase your worth a damn factor is crucial.

Life is holographic. Maybe it is the Universe… but who am I to just repeat something I heard… I don’t know about the Universe. But I do know about Life. Continue reading “Pinpoint accuracy or shotgun method?”

Watch it again: The deepest TED talk I have heard… and loved.

A video that makes me cry every time i watch it deserved to be watched again and again.

There is no direct relevance of the content: cheating, to me or my life. And yet, the way Esther Perel speaks about cheating and relationships is the finest example of seeing A is A… so it is right up our alley… Yours, mine. So watch it… again.

It’s about cheating and affairs.

But it talks to all people… it talked to me, made me weep, opened my eyes… Please watch it.