Cheat sheet to conquer your wayward emotions. What?!

One of my students is working on creating a cheat sheet for people who have difficulties in life.

Why a cheat sheet?

Because when you have difficulties in life you find it hard to even think, let alone look at the issue with sober eyes. Without emotions. Look at it like a math problem, or if you are not good at math, a missing ingredient problem in the kitchen.

And if you are normal, if your DNA is what 99.99% of people’s DNA, then you have many difficulties in life, even if no one knows about them. Sometimes even you don’t know… oops. Continue reading “Cheat sheet to conquer your wayward emotions. What?!”

Permission to grow… permission to experience discomfort.

permission to growI read this quote in an email today.

I have done nothing all summer but wait for myself to be myself again.‘ — Georgia O’Keeffe.

What she doesn’t know, that if and when you become new, bigger, etc. then you’ll be yourself… but bigger… And in the meantime it won’t be very pleasant to grow. There is an expression: growing pains… and it is true, it is real.

This quote could be your slogan while you go through the brain balancing sequence for the next weeks, months, so you emerge more whole, more complete than you have ever hoped to be.

And you’ll need it.

If you think it is difficult and painful get your car out from two vehicles that are an inch from your car… then you know what we are doing… it takes tens, maybe hundreds of small moves for the brain to re-adjust to the new constellation and be stable again.

I may be going through it more dramatically than you are… let’s hope it’s so. Continue reading “Permission to grow… permission to experience discomfort.”