Don’t sleep well? Choose! eat your cake or choose to have it

Sleeping. They say you are supposed to sleep 7-8 hours.

But when I muscletest how much you sleep, even if you were in bed and in the dark, you only slept five hours.

Why? Because three hours of those eight you were not really sleeping, you were in a daze…

And your dazed state is not conducive to real rest, to restoration, to rejuvenation, because it is a troubled daze state.

What troubles you? Nearly everything.

But most importantly you are troubled about yourself. Continue reading “Don’t sleep well? Choose! eat your cake or choose to have it”

Your relationship to reality, your brain, and your life

Reality has everything it has. And what it doesn’t have isn’t real. It isn’t part of reality. It’s added.

This is the hardest part of reality: understanding that speaking, the observer, populates reality with things that don’t belong, and then turns around and grieves the things it spoke as reality. And the truth.

All suffering comes from this speaking. Continue reading “Your relationship to reality, your brain, and your life”

The secret life of the superiors also called the 1000

If you managed to listen to the whole two hours of Alex Hormozi answering questions video, you can tell that there is a common way 1000’s think and behave.

One of these is to avoid doing things in order to… Agenda replaced the joy of doing.

The joy of doing?

Yeah. Continue reading “The secret life of the superiors also called the 1000”

What does emotional and intellectual inflexibility do?

intellectual inflexibilityAlmost all Nobel laureates in the sciences are actively engaged in arts as adults. They are twice as likely as the average scientist to be a photographer; four times as likely to be a musician; eight times more likely to do woodworking or some other craft; twelve times more likely to write poetry and literature; seventeen times as likely to be an artist; and twenty-five times as likely to sing, dance, or act.
– Bob Root-Bernstein, PhD

That, above, is probably a puzzling fact.

The question you should be having on your tongue is to ask: Why is that so?

The answer, of course, is below the visible, the invisible. Continue reading “What does emotional and intellectual inflexibility do?”

Rebooting your brain, rebooting your life

Imagine this scenario: You look up your bank balance, see the number. And suddenly dread grabs your chest and you are off to panic-land.

You see that unless you start generating an income before the end of the month, you’ll be on the dole… at the mercy of others, at the mercy of social services… You’ve run out of money, and you have run out of time.

What do you do now? Continue reading “Rebooting your brain, rebooting your life”

You don’t love yourself. You don’t respect yourself.

A little understood aspect of integrity that screws up your integrity…

Integrity is between you and you. There are things you do with other people, but integrity is an inside job… if you don’t like what you did, if you don’t think you did a good job, it doesn’t matter what other people think… you are not happy with yourself. Continue reading “You don’t love yourself. You don’t respect yourself.”

Does your worldview keep you from knowing yourself? Stuck on self-delusion?

Before I write the meat of the article, I am sure you have a question: what the heck is a worldview… and how do you know what YOUR worldview is, if any.

The Three Umpires

A little anecdote comes to the rescue, about a radio interview of three umpires on how they call ball or strike (in baseball, for those who don’t know).

The three umpires are different ages.

Umpire number one asked first. He is a rookie umpire. He is asked, as will be his colleagues: How do you call ball or strike?

The rookie umpire answers: It’s obvious. I call it the way it is. A ball is a ball, a strike is a strike.

The journeyman umpire, has a few years of judging the game, answers: I do it differently. I call it the way I see it. I see it’s a ball, I call it a ball.

The old, wrinkled seasoned umpire, when asked the same question, grumbles… You are both rookies. Because I know that it ain’t nothing till I call it.

The three umpires represent three worldviews… A worldview is your relationship to what is happening in the world… 1 Continue reading “Does your worldview keep you from knowing yourself? Stuck on self-delusion?”

Make the ‘Happy New Year!’ wish come true for you?

I took the garbage out this morning. It was really cold… I was shivering.

The guy across the street yelled to me: Happy New Year… and I responded in kind… But these good wished are nothing but wishful thinking: your word won’t make it happen. You wanting the New Year to be happy won’t do it for you… unless something changes… something fundamental… like your word will start to have power.

Because, at present, it has no power, or not much… instead your emotions control what you do, not your words.

Continue reading “Make the ‘Happy New Year!’ wish come true for you?”

Removing the leaks created by your inner habits, your attitude, your “how”

The current humanity, homo sapiens, is ignorant to the 90% of reality, the invisible reality. They are like a bunch of Missourians, the show me state… 1 Building and changing the invisible habits

Most people judge by appearances, overt actions, your voice, your actions. But those cover only the top 10% of who you are.

The remaining 90% is invisible, sometimes even to yourself.

And as with everything in our 10% world, what defines how the 10% “manifests” is the 90%. 2 Continue reading “Removing the leaks created by your inner habits, your attitude, your “how””

Generosity, choosing, gratitude MAKE YOU HAPPY

Generosity was one of the distinctions I spent years researching and trying to BE…

It is a tricky way to be, the full meaning of generosity, because almost no one ever is really generous.

We normally equate giving with generosity. Some give stuff, others give praise, some give of themselves.

Most generosity makes the recipient suspicious: what is the ulterior motive? Continue reading “Generosity, choosing, gratitude MAKE YOU HAPPY”