How does your past get into your future…

…and make you repeat the same life

I have an older blog that is attacked by hackers every week. They install malware… so I don’t want you to go there…

It’s an old website, more than 10 years ago it was my main blog. Most of it is still useful.

I read an interview with Jeff Bezos the other day, or was it a youtube video, can’t remember. He was asked a question about the future. He said something incredibly insightful, and something most people can’t even hear!

He said that the question to ask is this: What will remain the same?

Most people try something new, something shiny, something that is a new trend.

But real winners learn what works and what will work now, ten years from now, a hundred years from now. And that is what makes them a winner…

I am seeing now that I am re-reading my old articles, that I am putting my efforts into teaching the timeless, what will not change. What can transform you into a winner, if you adapt it.

I have learned about the timeless from Kabbalah. I am also seeing that the predictable success of Jewish people is inseparable from this principle: learn to do what is not going to change.

If you look through this distinction to the history of the Jews… you’ll see it everywhere.

This is just another proof, that if you don’t have distinctions, then you can’t see. And you won’t ever be able to model after what you can’t see… And most choose to hate those darn Jews… they must have make a pact with the devil that they are so darn successful…

Whereas if you knew the principle, you could live like that too… no kidding. YOU. Jew or not Jew.

I have started to move the old blog posts, one by one, to my site.

One of those posts reminded me, that until you get what I am writing in it, your future will be much like your past.

While I was researching for pictures, I found that what I am teaching is against the mainstream ineffective, all in the visible… the mind is powerful type of teaching.

Reality, if you watch a person, reality doesn’t work the way THOSE people, those memes, those motivational speakers tell you it works. The nature of reality is that 90% of what moves anything or anyone, the CAUSE, is in the invisible/unconscious domain of life. Continue reading “How does your past get into your future…”

Your sphere of influence and your vibration: what is the connection?

they sealed their friendship with bloodPeople do all kinds of things to raise their vibration. But one of the most important things they could do, they don’t even think of it.

I had a conversation with a student last night, and finally “diagnosed” why her vibration isn’t changing much in spite of all the calls she comes to.

And then I opened an email 1 this morning… and I knew I must talk to you about this.

In a Landmark Education course, the Wisdom Course, there is a distinction that talks exactly about this. The distinction is called Originating Circle 2

The course leader drove home that concept like this: he said:

“I grew up in New York City.
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When you decide to do something for yourself… to grow…

992c7c4d24d13d506d6c5fd87c3f536cBetween two chairs I find myself fallen and sitting on the floor

I don’t know if you can recognize this situation, but my hunch is: you should.

Your attention is divided. Your intentions are divided. And NOTHING gets done.

It should be a daily concern… if it is not, you are probably in a rut.

What is a rut? A trench… you can either go forward or you can go backwards… Or stand still, hoping that it will give you a sense of being alive.

Whenever you add a new task, you have to go through this state: if you don’t, then you didn’t mean to add the task.
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Still waiting for miracles, Unwilling yet expecting?

cat_waiting_for_a_miracleI expect to receive a lot of hate-mail for this article. Why? Because it is not politically correct. Because it tells the brutal truth, naked and ugly as it is. Don’t read if you can’t deal with the truth. You have been warned!

I find that I am afraid. I find that I wish people didn’t read this article. I am afraid of getting killed…. and yet, I am hitting the publish button…

Real Learning is really hard

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The Daily Connection, Activators, Timeline of the Planetary Ascension Explained

your daily connection, your daily activation The Daily Connection, Activators, Timeline of the Planetary Ascension Explained

I have written about the timeline of the Planetary Ascension before, but I will explain it in this article again.

  1. First Phase was mandatory. It started on July 24 and ended on August 15.

    Every single person on the planet got the activator. It activated “human” capacities. It also eliminated the bulk of automatic negative thoughts. My experience was, in my own environment, as if the mute button had been pushed: people’s mind wasn’t frantically busy with negative thoughts.

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