Co-creation. Connecting to Source. What is YOUR context that leaves you unfulfilled?

This is an audio that will explain a lot... and you'll hate it. If by any chance you'll love it, you just found the secret of a well lived life.


Okay. It's Friday morning, and this little talk I'm doing today will not make you happy. Why? 'Cause it's going to upset the apple cart. It's going to wrinkle your sheets. It's going to be trampling on your beliefs.

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How old is your child self that is running your life to the ground?

What is an adult, what is a child... and does your ego-state (Child, Parent, Adult) influence how much money you have, how much love you have, how healthy you are? 1

In the starting point measurements I measure (#19) To what degree you have access to your adult capacities. 2 or asked in another way, how much does your adult run your life? The more adult the more results...

And how much is the child running your life, how much is it running your life to the ground?

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Why You Keep Signing Your Future Self Up for Stuff You Don’t Actually Want to Do

Part One: Knowing yourself is key to being able to change

We all think that we know ourselves... and then when it turns out to be wrong, we are surprised, but unphased in our certainty that we know ourselves.

Why is it nearly impossible to you to know yourself?

Because self-reflection is an intangible, spiritual capacity that can only open up if and when you look at your effect, your reflection, your feedback from the world around you. Continue reading "Why You Keep Signing Your Future Self Up for Stuff You Don’t Actually Want to Do"

Addictive Tendencies in Sharing The Light

This article is evergreen. I wrote it nine years ago... and it still speaks to me... the addictive tendencies will not disappear with time...

Yehuda Berg writes:A physical circuit

There are people in our lives who don't want to receive what we have to give them. ...

... we invest efforts into keeping some relationships burning in our lives that we'd be better off letting burn out.

... life is all about circuitry. When we share our Light with people who don't want to receive it, it's like trying to fill a bottle when the cap is still on. Try as you might, with all of the love, intention, and desire to share, your energy simply cannot penetrate. And as with our favorite spiritual illustration, the lightbulb, if the negative pole is blocked, the circuit cannot be completed, and the energy cannot flow.

It's not about judging people as worthy or unworthy. It's about discerning who is 'open' to receive, and willing to use what we have to offer - wisdom, love, time, concern - no matter what flavor!

No doubt, if you go through your relationships, in your head, one by one, you are going find several that fit the above description: Your desire to contribute to them is not received with an equal amount of desire to receive from you.

Some people, including myself, more than I am happy to admit, make it our life's purpose to give where it is not appreciated, or even not wanted. But everyone, at one time or another, decides where to give, by their own concepts, instead of looking where there is the most reception.

At the same time, one may fall into the opposite trap, the bottomless pit, or the bottle with the cap off, but cracked. I call that the Black Hole... the other extreme of the No Circuitry sole correction.

I used to have a client (or two, or three, or four... grrr) where we would have great conversations, I would be able to express all the light the Light wanted me to channel, but nothing would stick with the recipient.

This particular client, let's call him Matt, was hungry for solutions, hungry for light, hungry... insatiable. What he wasn't hungry for is making changes in his thinking or in his actions.

My style of coaching is to leave the client with a set of practices or action that they must complete in order for the session to make any real difference. Matt never did any of the actions, any of the practices. Instead, he came to every call as if the previous one had never happened. Unchanged.

He remembered them all right, but remembering is the booby prize... not much value there. His life didn't notice he had that session.

I "fired him" from my practice... after a while.

I noticed that there was a certain co-dependency developing: it gave me a sense of accomplishment and an experience of being very bright to channel the Light. And he came to me the way an alcoholic goes to the pub.

I needed to restrict my addictive tendencies and ask him to get his daily fix someplace else.

Result? I started to channel the Light into my writing, into my business, into my garden, and into my own well-being. All areas were parched... and all those areas are now starting to blossom.

The point? There is an abundance of Light available for you to channel. But channel it to someplace where it can make a difference, someplace where it will cause abundance. OK?

Is happiness even possible? Is self-hate, self-punishing a good path to it?

It's Tuesday, and my Rob Brezsny horoscope arrived this morning.

It addressed something I wanted to address, because it is important: treating yourself well by providing yourself with what you need to be well, to do well, to feel well.

You treat your pets better than yourself.

If you were only judgmental and stingy with others, that would be one thing. But you are stingy with yourself.

You judge yourself harshly, you treat yourself badly, and you skimp on yourself first.

Consider yourself your own child, or your own pet? And your relationship, your treatment of it public.

A lot of people, in private, abuse with impunity, but would not dare do the same in public, or when someone can see it. They fear judgment. Continue reading "Is happiness even possible? Is self-hate, self-punishing a good path to it?"

New insights on cell hydration, tiredness, your immune system, diabetes, cancer, and your life expectancy

  • If you pee often
  • If your pee is light
  • If you have to get up in the middle of the night and pee
  • that means: your cell hydration is low.
  • it may also mean: you have diabetes or pre-diabetes. Diabetics have low cell hydration. this may be the reason they don't accept the sugar into the cell... Because sugar would break even bigger havoc in the cell... it would dry out the cell completely.
My hunch is that hydrating the diabetic's cells can end the diabetic misery... But it needs testing. If you have diabetic friends, family members: you owe it to yourself to test the Energized water on them. Diabetes can cost tens of thousands of dollars to the person, and makes 250 billion dollars to the medical establishment... lucrative. More lucrative than recommending a $60 audio... for sure.

If you get tired in the middle of the day, or are just plain tired... that means that most likely your hydration is low.
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Is what you are reading talking on the right level… to make a difference?

For the first time in who knows how long, how many years, I have nothing to write.

One could say "writer's block"... but I would not know. I have never had that...


So I am looking. When I have nothing to say... and that is unusual, what happened that is also unusual?

Did you see how I formulated the question?

Your ticket to get out of anything, to innovate yourself out of a problem is the question. Or questions...

So that question did direct my attention to something I've been doing that is also unusual.
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Why those giants became giants and not you?

1673296-poster-physicsYou are Stuck...

Stuck without a solution, stuck in a tight spot, stuck in a relationship, stuck with an irrevocable promise, stuck in a job, stuck.

This is the landscape of our life. NORMAL.

Whether we verbalize it or not, we feel stuck... life seems against us, and we feel, to ourselves a poor match to deal with what we need to deal with.

Please, to enjoy this article, look at your life for a moment or two and see how in many different aspects of your life you feel stuck.

I am doing the same thing, now that I have redefined what it means to be stuck.

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When the guru is wrong…

thats-methed-up-dudeToday I learned a lesson so cruelly cutting, my stomach hurt from it.

Now, being on the other side of it, it has opened my eyes to so many things, I am surprised.

I found out that some of my carefully crafted assumptions based in decades of education might be wrong.

I have been fighting it for more than a week now... and finally, today, I had to face the piper.

The polar pitcher, the equipment I use for energizing water, has changed: the pitcher you get on Amazon today are slightly smaller than what I own and have based my water energizing system on.
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What determines how you and your life turn out?

what you see and what you do are like the front and the back or the hand: inseparableWhat is the mechanism of the machine that you are, that is used to define your actions, your moods, your attitude?

As I said in a few previous articles, your actions, your thoughts, your moods, your attitudes will be correlated with what you see.

The two sides:

  1. what you see, or the way the world occurs to you
  2. your actions, your thoughts, your moods, your attitudes: your world

the two sides are like the front of the hand and the back of the hand, connected, inseparable, but yet distinct.
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