Readers ask: How do you know you are an empath?

The other day someone posted a comment on my site. I expected it to be intentionally hurtful, and I treated it as such… But in the meantime I pushed it around in my thoughts and reconsidered.

It is a valid question… He asked: How do you know you are an empath?

Really, how do I know?

Now, the question could come from:

  • 1. how do you know you have a special ability and therefore you know more than others? This was my original interpretation.
  • 2. how does one know? Really? What clues one in that what they are feeling is not their own feelings, and not their imagination running wildly away with them? This second question is what I am going to attempt to answer in this post.

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Different types of clairvoyance and other extrasensory unusual abilities

How are you? you ask.

I don’t know. I only know how someone else is feeling… 99% of the time I cannot feel myself. And 99% of the time I don’t know whose feelings I am feeling either.

I am an empath, and a clearsentient 1 I had a boy friend who labeled me clairsensar when I could tell the chiropractor what to do to people who needed help but it wasn’t obvious what to move… I felt it. Clairsensar is not a word, but there is such a word as clairsensing… go figure.

I always despised people who claimed they had psychic abilities… because most people who claim they have them… eh… I don’t know.

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