Love. Loving. Can you love more? Less? Can anyone?

Loving is like being pregnant. You can’t be more pregnant than pregnant. Even pregnant with two babies is just that, pregnant.

And, by the same token, you can’t love someone more. You either love them or you don’t.

Pregnant, love, respect, are intrinsic in nature. They also have no opposites, like values on the systemic level of value. An they don’t have a scale…

Life is easiest to navigate, easiest to understand, and easiest to ‘dance with’ if you know that values have three tiers. Each tier with its own rules of engagement. Continue reading “Love. Loving. Can you love more? Less? Can anyone?”

The escape route from the dungeons of the human condition

Escape route differs from jailbreak… Unless you plan how you’ll be, where you’ll go, what you’ll do after you break out of jail, you’ll be taken back on short notice…

Why and how the “human condition” have come to signify wretchedness, evil, and ugly?

I wrote the first part of this article about 18 months ago…

This article has been researched for more than two years. but it was just getting puzzling and more puzzling.

Finally, today, as I was pondering the issue, the expression “human condition” opened it up for me.

So, here is the result of more than two years of research into the biggest puzzle I have ever dealt with.

Why are humans so bad? Continue reading “The escape route from the dungeons of the human condition”