You create your personal reality… is that a good thing?

you create your own realityDoes that serve you?

I did something yesterday that I hadn’t done before.

I have offered an entire group to activate a different capacity for them… in replacement to what didn’t work… Hundreds of dollars, and at least 30 hours of my life. For free.

You may know that I have been talking – incessantly – about flexibility and how important it is, how essential it is for you to be able to change your mind. To get out of the rut your mind has taken you and is keeping you in… without you knowing why you can’t grow, why you can’t be happy, feel successful, productive, and have ease and grace in life.

So, as you can see, the flexibility capacity is crucial in taking you from quiet desperation to potential heaven.

But it didn’t work.

The whole group got stuck at a low level of the capacity, so low that it had no effect on their thinking, and in some cases a negative effect. Continue reading “You create your personal reality… is that a good thing?”

Living life as an experiment is an attitude. It is an approach to life… Unemotional

I haven’t been feeling well. I feel dumb, I don’t remember what I am talking about, I am foggy. I don’t remember names like normal, and in the evening I just want to sleep, instead of reading.

I could be worrying, and I am hovering on the border of worry and “this is what it is”…

I could ask “what’s wrong”, but that would lead to a fix-it mode… and I am not interested in that.

Instead I am saying: this has been an experiment, this is an experiment, albeit an unplanned one… Let’s see what we can see, what we can learn from this experiment?

Obviously this is not a question most people think to ask. In the age of reacting, in the age of thinking we know everything, we are asking stupider and stupider questions, and get ourselves into deep trouble.

So, if you can learn my methodology: that methodology, that attitude is the key that whatever and whoever has been trying to kill me, hasn’t been able to. Had it been you, I assert, you would be dead already. Or wish you were…

OK, so here is what I have done: Continue reading “Living life as an experiment is an attitude. It is an approach to life… Unemotional”