I there any truth in the ‘law of attraction’?

I read someone’s email this morning and in it the dude says: It is important to bet on the person and not on the deal

Why? Because deals are a dime a dozen

So, he says, it is import to bet on the process no on the result… not on the pot of gold.

And if there is a person going to do the process… hell, you should bet on the person first and only if you deem you should, only then bet on the process.

It is the classic example of not putting the cart in front the horse…

But, alas, knowing what to bet on and in what order requires a little bit of thinking. Continue reading “I there any truth in the ‘law of attraction’?”

It’s Tuesday… it’s garbage day on my street…

It’s not communism or socialism that is the enemy of freedom and prosperity. It is authoritarian systems.

Authoritarianism=my way of the highway.

I have lived in socialism. People may be lazy there, but creativity, thinking differently, individuality, ability and productiveness is not penalized… Maybe Russia was different. I lived in Hungary.

At this point Hungary’s system is really kleptocracy… stealing power, stealing stuff, stealing rights, stealing freedoms. We are seeing that in the USA happening… I hear that they are copying Hungary, a tiny country in the middle of Europe.

But in authoritarian systems who is calling the shots are the freeloaders. The looters, the moochers, the people who want something for nothing. The enemies of thinking, the enemies of originality, the enemies of production. Continue reading “It’s Tuesday… it’s garbage day on my street…”

How to start using your capacity once you had it turned on?

use your capacityHow to start using your capacity once you had it turned on?

There are certain abilities, that are controlled by genes, that I don’t have, and I want.

So I have asked Source to turn on for me self-control…

Long term meditating properly turns that gene on… Causes an epigenetic shift. This is what is the reason long time meditators, especially TM, transcendental meditation practitioners can do much better in every area of life.

I paid for TM, back in the year 2000, and hated it. I even read the book, and I just could not do it.

It is the self-control gene that was missing… I am like a wild child… Don’t like to be pinned down, even if it is me who is trying to pin myself down.

But… But as an insomniac, it would help me fall asleep faster. Continue reading “How to start using your capacity once you had it turned on?”

Commitment… the c-word… and saving grace

I bet when you read ‘c-word’, you were thinking of something else… But don’t be mistaken, people are more afraid of commitment than the c-word you thought I meant…

Here is a quote from Rob Brezsny: When a crocodile slams its jaws shut, the energy it summons is powerful. But when the beast opens its jaws, the force it exerts is weak. That’s because the muscles used to close the mouth are much more robust than the muscles used to open. 

Humans, you? shy away from commitments: Commitment is jaws open… allowing. Why?

Because commitment feels like bondage, like voluntary enslavement, like saying a lot of no’s to a lot of nice things… the end of a life of liberty. Life opening up, and you need to stay open.
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Do I need to like you to love you? What is love? What is like?

I have a call on Sundays with a guy whom I’ve never met. We did a course together back in 2007, were in the same mastermind on Sundays, and we just continued talking ever since…

I work through a lot of my stuff on those calls. I also get to insight I cannot get to, when my mouth is closed, i.e. I am not talking.

It is hard to be silently brilliant, lots of thought occur when you open your mouth.

And occasionally I talk about my students, and other people. Continue reading “Do I need to like you to love you? What is love? What is like?”