Shall I create a communication course for you?

If we consider communication a result producing activity, which it is, then we need to look at communication as we look at anything where we measure productivity: producing a result with some degree of reliability.

  • Just like in productivity, your results depend, largely, on your attitude. Your attitude towards the task, and your attitude towards yourself.
  • Just like in productivity, the order in which you do the tasks influences your results, and therefore your productivity. What you do first and what you do second…
  • Just like in productivity, something is considered more important than something else… and you’ll either honor that or not… and your results will show that, or the lack of that honor.
  • Just like in productivity, your skill level, your ability to see the big picture, your ability to use carrot and stick effectively, you’ll have compliance or non-compliance… you’ll communicate or you won’t…
  • As in productivity, some strategies, some approaches, some skills cause more productivity… same in communication.
  • The 80/20 rule applies to communication as well as it applies to productivity: most of what we say is part of the unproductive 80%, and often prevent us from saying the 20%, that has, at least a chance to produce the results…
  • And when we evaluate our performance, more often than not, in my experience, what we blame is not the 20% missing, but the present and ineffective 80%.

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Are you always misjudged, misunderstood, or mistreated? No one can see how bright you are?

misunderstood genius... slightedThe art of being heard, being known the right way

On one of the webinars the topic was “Not being heard… Being misunderstood”

Every person on the call had at least one painful childhood incident where their speaking wasn’t getting for them what they intended to get, instead their speaking was earning them grief and heart ache.

They wanted appreciation, understanding, equality, or love, validation, significance, or at least agreement.

When something doesn’t work, one would expect, next time you’ll try something different. But no… in real life it seems that the more something doesn’t work, the more you, humans are trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

When we looked, each and every one of us were repeating and repeating and repeating the incident in our lives, the same way, expecting a different result. Insanity, right? Continue reading “Are you always misjudged, misunderstood, or mistreated? No one can see how bright you are?”

Can you become an empath? And why would it be good?

I am a lot like a pitbull… I latch onto something and won’t let go until I pull it all the way out of the invisible, until all of it shows.

I just pushed the button “publish” on my article asking if you are teachable.

I had left two questions unanswered in that article: one about me learning how to connect by muting a video… and the other one: my ex student learning to connect, from me… but nothing else.

  • I am an empath. Nothing new in that.
  • The ex student is also an empath. Not a TRUE empath, like me. TRUE empaths, I think, are born. But empathy can be opened up: it is a spiritual capacity. And intangible capacity. NOT superhuman.

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The size of your foundation, your astuteness, the size of your foundation, spiritual capacities

overdoing it in energizing your waterNote: this is an important article… please read. It summarizes a lot of what is not working about you… and what you can do about it.

I really enjoy the work on people’s hydration.

I love seeing how they get things done (or not) and it is a source of a lot of amusements.

Am I laughing at them? No. Laughing at someone is laughing at their expense.

I am laughing at the idiosyncrasies, the funny ways of getting things done, the soul correction I recognize.

For example, this picture, above. Very educational. It shows a lot to learn from.

You can see a polar pitcher with the mini speaker inserted in the bottom: the water is a perfect 653: just got coherent. Continue reading “The size of your foundation, your astuteness, the size of your foundation, spiritual capacities”

Being, Granting Beingness, granting being, allowing to be


Whatever you resist, make wrong, want to change, fix, and can’t leave alone, hooks you and makes you prisoner.

Now, here is the rub. Talking about flying isn’t. Talking about beingess isn’t.

Beingness is created by WORD, but talking about it doesn’t do anything for anyone.

Werner Erhard talks about beingness, Ron L. Hubbard talked about beingess, the gurus talk about beingness…
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My saga with Landmark Education – Part Three and how my vibration went from 35 to 175 in a 15-minute exercise

I left it off that I hardly understood any of the three-day course, and yet…

Since then I have distinguished (don’t forget, this was 27 years ago!) that mind-learning, understanding, actually stands in the way of transformation. Transformation happens as a result of an insight, but the mind is only capable of intellectual insights, and they are worthless, or better said: a dime a dozen. Almost worthless, lol.

So here we are, midday day 3 of the Communication Workshop. The sun is blasting, it is late August in Israel. We are asked to stand up and mingle. I look out the window. The room is on the top of a mountain that is surrounded on three sides with the beautiful blue water of the Mediterranean. Breathtaking.

We are asked to find a new partner to share with. My new partner is gorgeous. He is of Yemenite origin, a Yemenite Jew. Tall, wild looking, lean and sexy. We are asked to make a list of all the people we have a bad or so-so relationship with. My mom is on the top of my list, of course.

Then the leader, a fellow architect, asks us to cross out number one and number two from our list. I gasp. My father is number three… eggad… this is going to be bad.

The assignment is to say one sentence that would completely alter that relationship. One sentence? That is going to be tough.
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Landmark Education video on how to have a breakthrough in raising a lot of money… and my story Part Two

Dead-SeaI left it off in my previous (part one) article, that I signed up for the “thing” that this guy said made him so happy and smiley.

I wanted it more than anything. I was miserable, lonely, depressed, and it didn’t look life was going to change on its own. My vibration, at the time, was 35. Barely enough energy to be breathing and moving. A walking dead.

I have pictures of me from that time, all smiles. Agrimony smiles, all pretense, to cover up the misery.

At the end of the evening I went home to my immigration hostel, that is where recent immigrants to Israel are housed. I shared a room with a stark mad Hungarian woman. She was angry and some kind of crazy: would walk all night with a knife in her hand. For protection or to kill me, I never found out. She returned to Hungary.

I was so happy that night, so hopeful, that I wanted to share my joy with everyone who was willing to listen.

The first person I ran into, Dave, was immediately recognized what I signed up for. “Oh, you are sooo stupid!” he said. “You paid 380 dollars for that? I’ll do it for you for 120 bucks. Lock you in a room, take your watch, and yell at you… You’ll get what you want!” he said.

I believed him. Next day I called the number on the receipt and canceled my registration. I will get what I want and save 260 dollars.

But Dave wasn’t serious. I lost the receipt and never quite catch what the name of that course was, so I spent the next two and a half years in deep anguish and depression.

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Is Becoming Like Jesus The Same As Becoming Like God?

Jesus Love: model after the behavior you see or the behavior of connecting? Is Becoming Like Jesus the same as becoming like god?

I need to state first, that I am not a Christian.

I have a Jewish heritage, grew up atheist in a Communist country, had people been allowed to be religious, they would have been predominantly Catholic there, attended one year of religious education in Israel and left for profound differences in world view. Have been studying Kabbalah for 8 years.

I am not religious. But I am very interested in the heritage of the world I am here to help connect, help ascend.

And in Jesus, and the tale, I was always interested in. I even read the bible in Hungarian… didn’t understand much, but I read it.

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Case Study #4: Landmark Education
Werner Erhard, founder of est and the original source of Landmark Education

I first participated in what is now called Landmark Education back in 1985.

I lived in an immigration hostel, I worked as an architect and town planner in Jerusalem and I was miserable.

In quick succession two Russian immigrants killed themselves: I knew and liked them both. One of them was so determined that she manage to hang herself from the window bars, even though the parapet of the window was only about 20 inches…

I was going to be next. Except that someone invited me to something on this Wednesday evening.
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