Competence, People who get things done well, on time

Competence is rare.

You know the people you deal with: they are just like of you… 99% of them 99% of the time are incompetent, late, shoddy work, nonexistent knowledge, sloppy delivery, tunnel vision, no distinctions.

You don’t have to be competent in everything: be competent in what you do for a living, and in your relationships.

But, of course, it will require something you haven’t been willing to do: get better. Learn deeper, more, more precisely. Practice, and bring integrity to it.

Deliberate practice, the rare phenomenon, is rare because…

…people think: practicing is doing it the same way, over and over, expecting a different results.

One of the characters, a literary character, practices marshal arts, etc. every day, hours on end.

Lincoln, the president, said: I’ll sharpen my ax for five hours so the one hour I spend with cutting the tree, the ax is “competent” to do the job.
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Happiness, the good life, lies on the other side of a paradigm shift

One of the most telling measurements in my Starting Point Measurements is the number of spiritual capacities you have active in your DNA.

The world, humanity’s average score on that measurement is 0.4. My students’ is 0.6.

Why is that a telling measurement, Sophie? you should ask, but you don’t. 1

OK, let me explain even though no one is asking. Spiritual capacities are DNA capacities that only open when they are needed to get work done with them.

Some work cannot be done well, some things cannot be performed well, some things cannot be seen accurately or at all without one or more capacities.

Example: A medical doctor cannot diagnose well,

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Everyone wants to be self-confident… why? Does changing beliefs help? Does energy healing help?

Confidence: firm trust, a sense of self, appreciation someone’s proven track record

If you look up the word in the dictionary, that is not what you find.

All dictionaries are now in step with the tendency to make words vague, not matching the reality… this word is a crucial word in your vocabulary. Unless you get this right, your chances of having a self, and thus the chance for self-confidence are between zero and none.

No one takes my Starting Point Measurements Seriously. How do I know? Because I have literally haven’t had anyone ask clarifying questions about certain key words that will make or break you… Not even one.

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