Competence, People who get things done well, on time

Competence is rare.

You know the people you deal with: they are just like of you… 99% of them 99% of the time are incompetent, late, shoddy work, nonexistent knowledge, sloppy delivery, tunnel vision, no distinctions.

You don’t have to be competent in everything: be competent in what you do for a living, and in your relationships.

But, of course, it will require something you haven’t been willing to do: get better. Learn deeper, more, more precisely. Practice, and bring integrity to it.

Deliberate practice, the rare phenomenon, is rare because…

…people think: practicing is doing it the same way, over and over, expecting a different results.

One of the characters, a literary character, practices marshal arts, etc. every day, hours on end.

Lincoln, the president, said: I’ll sharpen my ax for five hours so the one hour I spend with cutting the tree, the ax is “competent” to do the job.
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