The crucial difference between people who are on the top and you. Part 1

I slept till 7 today. That is two hours past my normal wakeup time.

I had a dream till the moment I opened my eyes. Lots of smart people to talk to in the dream, so I was hanging around longer than usual. Warren Buffet, Charlie Munger, Bill Gates, Michael Jordan…

I wasn’t looking for answers, I was looking. And I got some answers.

I was curious to see how they were that they could go so far in wealth, success. In fame.

One of the most important thing I saw is that they didn’t try. Didn’t try to understand things. There was no forcing. No violence.

When I watch you, you have two modes: you try and give up.

Trying is forceful. It is violence.

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The answers are not within… so how do you find them?

The above statement, in the title, may or may not be true.

I am most interested not in what is true and false, but what is useful or what is not useful.

Thinking, believing that the answers are within makes you search your memory banks for answers.

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There is no hurry on the creative plane…

there-is-no-hurryWallace D. Wattles said that. One Hundred years ago. 1

Of course he was mistaken in 70% of what he said; your thoughts do not create, etc. and yet. The 30% is worth its weight in gold.

I have been practicing being on the creative plane: no hurry, no competition, no scarcity, you can’t miss anything… Not easy to stay on it… wasn’t even easy to “climb” on it.

It’s been the best thing ever happened to my life.

I see it even clearer by observing my students who are always in a hurry.

Tai has this “patient-impatient” and “impatient-patient” going, and I have to admit that it goes right over my head… just like his PACE categories… but I completely get that if you start anything with the idea that it is going be fast, that it is going to be easy, you are going to make mistakes, and you are going to run out of steam.
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Apple Cider Vinegar and other interesting stuff

apple-cider-vinegarLike so many things, guidance is a blessing… and a curse.

So is coaching, by the way.

You can’t catch what you can’t see, and you can’t correct what you can’t catch…

So, this past week has been, thank you for asking, pure hell… lol.

Why, what went wrong? It would be shorter to list what didn’t… lol

Now, apart from a 10-minute period, while I was on the phone with an overly tired and uncaring support staff this morning… I have been having fun.

Yes. Challenges? Yes. Hard issues? Yes. Expensive… Yeah.
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Osho: What is jealousy and why does it hurt so much to be jealous?

jealousy, envy, all signs of desire to receive for the self aloneI have been spending the last few days meditating, muscle testing, contemplating why it is that different people from different ethnic cultures are so different in one main aspect: caring.

Caring means that you are willing to consider another as important as yourself. And just the way you would not hurt yourself consciously and intentionally, you would not hurt another.

As it turns out, even after the DNA upgrade, only 19% of the population has the capacity to care. The rest refused to accept the DNA upgrade… remember, the ground rule is free will.

I have muscle tested different ethnic groups, and within the same ethnic group, I found, the DNA changed, and in the other ethnic groups it did not.
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How to be successful without being evil

winningOne of the distinctions from Wallace D. Wattles: The Science of Getting Rich is called “The Creative Plane.”

Most of us, most of the time, live on the competitive plane.

The competitive plane has several aspects, and depending on your disposition, you’ll be able to counter some, while not be able or be willing to counter others.

  1. The first aspect of the competitive plane is comparison. On the competitive plane you are always going some place, you are never where you are, the only concept you have from the here and now is that it’s not enough, not yet, not there yet, not the right place, not good enough, or wrong. Not the right thing, not the right place. That is the foundation of the competitive plane, and the result is misery… felt or not, when you operate in the competitive plane, you are miserable, always hungering, always yearning, always out of sorts..
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Phases Of Learning, Phases Of Self-Changing, Phases Of Transformation: How To Succeed In A World Dominated By Fixing

learning-to-walkIn my previous article I write about the creative plane vs. the competitive plane.

Today’s culture, the norm, the planetary hypnosis (Dark Side) generated attitude is hurry and forcing.

fire-walkAlthough I don’t like Dr. David Hawkins and his books, his phrase “power vs. force” is valid here: when you hurry you are trying to FORCE the Universe (and the people in it) to suddenly do what YOU WANT them to do, instead of falling in step with the Universe, and get what you want when it’s good an ready.

Just watch your reaction, if you are a man, when the woman of the house interrupts what you are doing and demands that you take out the garbage, organize the garage, make the repairs you promised, right now, not when you are good and ready…

Or if you are a woman and your man demands sex, when you are not feeling well, when you are tired, when you don’t feel like it, not in the mood… demands that you get ready at a moment’s notice.

Feel your muscles tense even reading the scenarios… this is how the Universe reacts when you are in a hurry.

To be in harmony with the Universe, you need to fall in step, you need to fall in rhythm, in harmony with the Universy.

Whenever I participate in a drum-circle, especially if it is a big one with people from all over the place, I experience this magic: falling in rhythm, falling in step with the Universe.
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Dark Side Case Study: Google, or how fixing a problem creates and grows the Dark Side…

the problem solution cycle I’ve been a little off lately. In the middle of May the number of visitors to my site fell to almost none.

The cause: Google created a software that can tell if something is good or not. If something is worth to read or not. Google deemed my site crap. Obviously, because between May and the beginning of this week, they sent me a grand total of 30 visitors, whereas they used to send me 30-80 a day…

What happened? How did my site become crap from one day to the other?

If you are not in business, you probably haven’t heard.

But if you have a business that gets customers, buyers, through a website, you probably know, that Google, the online search monopoly that is so big that it can rig any system, much like Microsoft, is now completely on the Dark Side.

OK, for the above sentence to make sense, I need to explain what I mean. I need to clarify what doing business that is in harmony with the whole, harmony with creation is like, and then, of course, the opposite.

Let us look at a simple example, writing an informative article that serves people, that teaches them something, truthfully, and this way enriches people’s lives.

Stage 1: The writer of the article has one purpose in mind: to serve. And there is a secondary purpose: to have, some of those people, maybe want to do business with the website the article is on. These are the two purposes that are completely aligned with creation: you give something to get something, there is flow, grace and ease.

People go to a search engine and look for the information this article writes about and the search engine finds it for them among billions of webpages… really sweet.

Stage 2: Now, enter greed, enter the Darkness, enter trickiness, enter competitiveness: some website owners hire slave writers to write crappy articles, each article with a thousand version, same information, just different words.
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