But I am smart! Are you Teddy from A Gambler’s Jury?

hardware errorThe idea that it is up to you… that you have power… beyond your brain (hardware): that is alien to most people.

The feedback I am getting from Friday’s article is that I accidentally spoke from the penthouse of consciousness, and didn’t speak to where people, where you are.

Oops… didn’t realize.

I just finished reading a novel I started and re-started 6-7 times, because it was barely tolerable what was happening in the story. Emotionally, to my sense of right… intolerable.

You see, my TLB is only 70 on a scale of 1 to 100… and abuse, betrayal, no regard for another are difficult for me to stay with, and not run away. So I did 5-6 times… until I buckled down and read the book. I am glad I did… but it was hard for me. Emotionally.

The average TLB on the planet is 1.

As a sidenote: not in a insignificant way, reading what is hard to read, emotionally, has increased my TLB a lot, my estimation 20 of those 70 came from that. Not hard as hard to understand, but hard as hard to be with… emotionally.

In the book there is a mentally challenged, probably brain damaged young man, his lawyer, and a whole society hostile or apathetic… but that is not what I wanted to talk about. Continue reading “But I am smart! Are you Teddy from A Gambler’s Jury?”

The inelegant success of going down the rapids of Life

As a Virgo and as a soulcorrection ‘Forget Thyself’ there has been one pattern that has and still holds me back for decades: I’ve wanted things to be neat, elegant, fast… and I’ve had very little room for messy, inelegant, and slow.

Neat, elegant and fast are against Nature, against Life. Nature, Life are neither neat, nor elegant, and when it’s fast… it’s always a tragedy of some sort, like a volcanic eruption or a tsunami, not what you pray for.


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