The #2 backdrop and its cost on the life. How to selfcorrect

I just finished Steven Konkoly’s six book series on Black Flag.

He, in these books, reveals a conspiracy: REBOOT. A lot like MAGA… not an accident.

It is the plan to rebuild America as an autocracy… not a democracy.

It plans to take away the voice of most… even if it takes killing them. Continue reading “The #2 backdrop and its cost on the life. How to selfcorrect”

Conceited… where does it come from?

los self-esteem-to conceitConceited

The dictionary meaning is only part of the story (excessively proud of oneself; vain)

The most important part of the story is revealed in relationships. Relationship to others, and relationship to tasks.

When I look, the people who are conceited are delusional… delusional in their relationships to people and things. In comparison.

They compare themselves to others and they are, as a fixed attitude, not as an experience, superior to them. And they compare themselves to things… and they are superior to them, as an attitude, not as an experience. Continue reading “Conceited… where does it come from?”