I just realized that I am now working on my next assignment.

The original assignment is complete.

I have mapped out the human condition that prevents humans to attain the highest level of evolutionary level: human being.

And the next assignment is how to make evolving tastier, more inviting, more valuable to humans, so they actually do what it takes to get to the next and highest level. Continue reading “I just realized that I am now working on my next assignment.”

Stone Soup: the fairy tale. Case studies galore

stone soupCapacities, distinctions, intelligence, and success in life: there is a strong correlation. The Stone Soup fairy tale is an excellent teaching story.

Let’s start with debunking the current worldview, that intelligence is inborn. We are all born tabula raza… a blank slate.

Your intelligence depends on the number of large chunks, neural connections permanently formed in your brain firing together automatically. Those chunks are created in learning. Not learning about… no, actual learning a skill to unconscious competence.  Driving a vehicle is unconscious competence for most. Reading and comprehending? not so much. Continue reading “Stone Soup: the fairy tale. Case studies galore”