Anchor to doom, ET phone home, connecting to Source

connecting to sourceConnecting to Source, being connected to Source is what you may want but you haven’t been able to… This article explains why and how you can. It’s a process.

I didn’t plan to write about this… I didn’t plan because like so many things that have disappeared… what isn’t there is… well, what isn’t there isn’t there.

But from time to time a client, a student reminds me…

And that’s exactly what happened: a client, an all around great guy wrote:

I looked to at what i might be hanging onto without noticing..

could grief or despair have some part of it? I used to find myself listening to music about sadness and hard times and used to think about sadness a lot. I used to almost create it in relationships with anyone, family/ friends/ myself.

I connected to him, deeply, and there it was: a whole lake of sadness that he was circling…trying to avoid being sucked into. It felt like the pit of despair, it felt like a black hole. Continue reading “Anchor to doom, ET phone home, connecting to Source”


shouldWhat’s amiss with should?

Or for that matter shouldn’t?

I am looking for the principle here…

Here is my observation:

If you listen to the voice that says: it should be this way: it should be easy, I should already know, it should come to me, etc. then you won’t do what it takes to actually make it so. To rearrange things, massage things, do and say the things that will make it so.

I am somewhat learning disabled. I don’t have a should, not a bit in my makeup. Continue reading “Should”

Can I teach you to connect to Source?

In the Arthur Conan Doyle story A Scandal in Bohemia whatever… featuring Sherlock Holmes, there is an important learning that just came really handy for me today. In fact: it should have been part of my Itch webinar series… it is so in line with that.

The principle is that when there is a fire, for example, you’ll instinctively move to save what is most important to you… maybe ever, maybe just in that moment.

Some save their money, some save their children, others save their pet. ln the Sherlock Holmes story, The Woman was saving her picture she wanted to use to blackmail some Bohemian royalty.

OK, so how was this useful to me today? Continue reading “Can I teach you to connect to Source?”

Can you connect to Source through imagining connecting?

I did the first session of the Muscle testing course, version 2 yesterday.

There was a lot of things to unlearn and relearn for the students, things can and do prevent one from being effective in life.

Tons of the memes, everything and its opposite, no clarity.

What is Source. Where is the knowledge coming from when we muscle test for the truth? Is truth stagnant, the same today as it was yesterday? Does anything remain the same as it was yesterday?

The most successful people on earth know that only physical laws, the laws of physics apply here, and you can deal with the rest as appearances. A mirage. Maya. Not solid.

That nothing happens until someone does something… The law of cause and effect. Continue reading “Can you connect to Source through imagining connecting?”

Discover what is special about you, what makes you you?

In the exercise, “what do you want to be acknowledged for?” you have a chance to discover what is special about you.

To be able to love life, to do fulfilling work, you need to know and organize your life around what is special about you.

I just acknowledged a woman for what she wanted to be acknowledged for.

I have known her for some time, but it turns out: I didn’t know her at all. The organizing principle was missing, so I added my opinion to organize her around in my mind: scared.

But it turns out that she moved from one country to another to start a new life, away from a husband she no longer wanted. Start a new life without a support network, from scratch. Continue reading “Discover what is special about you, what makes you you?”