Spirituality uses different tools than the mind, the world

approximationSpirituality, finding your way, finding your self, the path to living a life worth living use different tools from science, schools, the mind, and ordinary thinking.

Not just different tools, but tools used differently.

If you haven’t found what you are seeking… if your seeking has taken you on a wild goose chase only to find nothing of value for yourself… then you owe it to yourself to learn to use the tools and to use them in new ways.

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Vibrational Review: 5 stages of Consciousness Evolution by Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen Lakhiani becoming limitlessVishen Lakhiani is the owner of MindValley… a huge company promoting gurus and their programs.

The original article was to promote his webinar workshop on becoming limitless, on October 13. The webinar’s job is to promote their continuity, i.e. subscription to the $29 a month Mindvalley Academy.

Because so many people are interested in becoming limitless, or at least happier, I am going to review the article… I can’t review the webinar, or something I haven’t happened… but I can look at the person and his work any time, and make bold assertions to their results.

One thing that will clue me in is the truthfulness of this article… or the lack of truthfulness. I don’t mean honesty, by the way. I mean: are the principles valid? Do  the methods produce the results he claims they produce? Is the thinking correct?

This may take me days… I just hope I won’t miss the deadline.

So, here is the article by Vishen Lakhiani:

five stages of of consciousness evolution according to Vishen LakhianiThe 5 Stages Of Consciousness Evolution: Where Would You Stand Today?

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How to grow your world at will? Expand it…

480px-Adi_Holzer_Werksverzeichnis_835_Abrahams_OpferI just had a client, he just left. During the conversation I kept on returning to his relationship with his wife. At some point I was clear what course of action he needs to take for his health.

I started to tell him… As usual, I was listening for the echo. The echo tells me whether I am getting through to him or not. I heard no echo.

Although he came to me, although he tried to, he didn’t trust what I had to say to the degree that he could even contemplate following the instructions.

You live in a world of your own design, of your own building. Everything you see, everything you do come from that world. It is a closed world, no words, no images alter its boundaries, alter its rules, its principles.
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The Follow-Your-Passion Myth and What’s the Truth

The following article is based on a quote from Roy Williams’ Monday Morning Memo; always an inspiration. This week especially. This week even I need it… lol

Why am I not explaining it myself? Because he is a better writer. Because he says it better than I can ever say it: you need to bring your passion, your love, your happiness to everything, instead of waiting (hands out) for it to be provided.

And, of course, this includes raising your vibration, transformation, healing: pretty much all the things you expect someone or something to provide.

Human Being is powerful, is meant to be powerful. Waiting for something to be given to you is PRETENDING TO BE POWERLESS. Not a human being. Raising your vibration is a function of your starting to use your Human Being capacities, instead of settling for the status quo, resigning to living a hum drum life.
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Thou Shall Prosper: The Ten Commandments To Prosperity: The Spiritual Laws of Money That You Have Not Known Or Ignored And Now Paying The Price Part 2

This article began here… so to be able to follow, please read it from the beginning

The Second commandment of Prosperity: Extend the Network of Your Connectedness to Many People…

All money will come to you via people. People will pay for the value you provide… whether it is in the form of goods, services, time, entertainment, or knowledge. The more people you know and have a give and take relationship with, the more you build a strong foundation for making money and building wealth.
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How We Raise Your Vibration: Activators explained… again.

zapping the emotions that kill you Activators explained… again.

Activators are specific type of energy submissions. They don’t add anything, they work with what you have.

There are two types of activators:

  1. positive (adding) downloads: adds something that contributes to your well-being. Similar to adding fertilizer to your garden soil.
  2. elimination or take-away downloads: Similar to pulling weeds, or picking off pests that eat your plants.

Both types of activators have two components:

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