Everything is a road to hoe, long, short, hard, easy… but regardless: a road to hoe…

methodology of transformation is a process, a road to hoeEverything is a process… a road to hoe. The new methodology of transformation in this article is one step, without which all other steps are ineffective and temporary at best.

Just because you feel brilliant, you may not be brilliant.

Yesterday I felt like I am definitely getting smarter. Felt good. Then I asked Source: Am I really getting smarter? And the answer was ‘no’.

My Sunday call partner was really happy hearing that… He has Shadenfreude 1, really enjoys when I put myself down, or when I make a mistake. He lives out of comparison. If I am not so smart, then he must get, in comparison, suddenly, smarter. Continue reading “Everything is a road to hoe, long, short, hard, easy… but regardless: a road to hoe…”

The winding, meandering path to success… You can only connect the dots looking backwards

winding river the path to successEveryone wants to understand BEFORE they take a step onto the path to success. But putting one foot in front of the other, with awareness is what allows you to get to where you want to get to.

Some people are crazy smart. They see everything laid out like a street map where I see nothing… or I see, maybe, one step, and therefore I am filled with fear and trepidation. I can’t see beyond that one step.

I am sure you can relate to this and relate to the ‘inner voice’ the mind saying: you are never going to make it.

And sometimes you find someone whose entire processing style is less intimidating, someone who doesn’t profess to see everything, although they may, and will take you step by tiny step.

Because step by step doesn’t necessarily take understanding, which is elusive, really, it takes putting one foot in front of the other. Continue reading “The winding, meandering path to success… You can only connect the dots looking backwards”

Connect the dots

That only after you're there, can you then connect the dots. You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.More on connecting the dots…

We all want to know where we are doing, what we are going to do there, we want to make sure we’ll be happy there.

What business to start. What book to read. What to get curious in.

But here is the problem: dots can only be connected backwards. There have to be dots! And forward there are no dots.

This is why almost all grand strategies are bound to fail or become a disappointment.

It’s cold but sunny today, so I went out for a walk. I ran into a woman who was walking her dog. I know her somewhat. In the brief time that I have known her, she adopted two Chinese girls, started and dissolved a ceramics business, started working in not for profit…

Her older daughter is looking at colleges, and is frustrated. She doesn’t know what she wants.
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Long term memory…

Connecting the dots… Cognitive performance… Cognitive activity… what am I talking about?

Cognition, according to the dictionary is “the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses.” Acquiring knowledge means: it stays… NOT merely understanding. You’ll see why later in this article.

As clients get better results nowadays, I am now really motivated to get better myself, to be able to help them get even better results.

So I read more books, watch more relevant videos, have extra conversations to home in on what isn’t working as well yet as I hoped it would, and what would.

How do I learn?

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