What is your ‘one thing’? Not a laundry list!

I got an email this morning, from one of MY coaches, Troy, asking what is the one thing I am known for… or maybe should known for?

He didn’t say it that way, but maybe should have.

He asks:

° What is it that you are KNOWN for?
° What is it that you WANT to be known for?
° What is it that will bring customers BEATING DOWN your doors?
° What is that ONE thing for you?

This is an amazing set of questions that can create incredible clarity… if you also add: the one thing needs to be something that you are so good at that it has become enjoyable.

Don’t be known for something you don’t enjoy. Continue reading “What is your ‘one thing’? Not a laundry list!”

When you go beyond the horizontal plane…

walking through a wallI participated with Landmark Education in all kinds of positions, participant, coach, trainee, leader. After 26 years I quit.

I quit for the same reason I quit Emotions Anonymous, and ACOA, Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families.

I quit because they were stuck. Stuck in the ordinary world. Stuck in the ordinary mindset. The participants, the leaders… they never moved out of the deep misery… so they were going back, year after year, “sharing” the same stories with the exact same words, with the exact same emotions they shared the year before. Continue reading “When you go beyond the horizontal plane…”