No amount of right will fix something that is wrong.


Prepare to be spinning with this for a while... Because this article can scramble your reality, like spinning can... Which way is up?

But for the few of you that this is what was missing, it will be like a cool hand on your hot forehead... Soothing. Panacea.

Because, truth be told, your reality is scrambled, and this article has the potential to unscramble it. Again and again.

Because the nature of personal reality is that it is scrambled, and tends to stay scrambled.

No amount of right will fix something that is wrong. At least this is how it looks on the surface. But what is the right and what is the wrong? and is it true that what is wrong IS wrong? 1

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What is your level of consciousness, what is your vibrational frequency? How can you tell?


If you want to be successful, you need to start where you are.

But if you don't know where you are, or mistakenly think you are somewhere else than where you actually are, you will never get to where you want to get to... NEVER.

This includes your knowledge level, your skill level, your experience level, and your level of consciusness or your vibrational frequency.

The only reliable way I know is to tell someone's vibration accurately is to muscle test while truly connected to Source, by a person whose vibration is past ego... on or above the level of unconditional love.

That doesn't mean you can't have clues...So that you can get a ballpark estimate of where you are or where another person is...

Stages of consciousness... metaphor by what can you see, accurately... how much of the context you see, both in time and in width

  • .buried or in a well
  • .in the basement
  • .street level
  • .street level but inside a house
  • .second floor of a building, no windows
  • .second floor of a building, with sound isolating windows.
  • third floor
  • fourth floor
  • .
  • ..lots of floors....
  • penthouse: lookout point.

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4 Stages of Consciousness… where do YOU live?


Four stages of consciousness

This is another seven years old article...

I read an interesting article on consciousness today that opened my eyes to something:

You can ask a question of yourself, and depending on the answer you can locate yourself on the map of consciousness quite reliably. And you could ask the question "what is your vibrational frequency?" and though you have no numbers, you'll know in what bracket you are by locating yourself on one of the stages.

The question is: What is my relationship to life? My life? Where is my consciousness?

There are four possible answers.

1. Life is happening to me.
2. Life is happening by me... i.e. I am causing my life
3. Life is happening through me... i.e. you are on this stage causing something to unfold through your special gift, or purpose
4. Life is me 1
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The size of your life is an indicator of the size of your possible happiness. What is the size of your life?


The size of your life is an indicator of the size of your possible happiness. What is the size of your life?

In the Playground, people do the work in pairs... we call these Partner Calls.

A partner call needs to be about a problem that came up in an incident. It is less talking than looking.

The person who talks, while the other listens, looks at the incident and attempts to take it through a set of looking points... we call that a script.

The looking points are filters through which the incident suddenly looks different... Richer, more detailed, looked through different vantage points.

The goal is to disappear the problem. A problem says that there is something wrong in the incident. Which indicates that the person's perception is not of reality but of meaning, interpretation, or rules.

The goal is to get to reality. In reality there is nothing wrong. All wrongs are added by the observer, they are not part of reality. Reality is the way it is... and all the wrongs take your power away to live life, to be intelligent, to solve real tasks, to be with people the way they are, to learn, to be productive, to feel good about yourself.

Ultimately the wrongs take your power away to live a live worth living.

The issues people deal with in the incidents are puny. All of them come from some perceived wrong in childhood, injustice, mistreatment, misjudging, etc.

With adult help, me, people can reframe the incidents in their lives, and the wrongs become less frequent, so they, the participants, can become available to solve REAL problems, if they are interested.

Suffering from those puny problems renders a person not available for life, for a life that is satisfying and makes a difference.

And because people cannot be happy unless they feel that they matter, that they make a difference, people are not happy.

The Playground is taking people, taking participants to the gate where happiness can become attainable. Where they can begin to be interested and available to solve bigger problems, worth solving.

Solve big problems, and your experience of life will be fulfilling.

The bigger problems you solve the more money you'll make and the more fulfillment you'll experience in life.

Obviously what you call a problem depends on your view of life.

And how you solve a problem depends on you too...

And thus YOU create your level of happiness... your life's experience.

You live in a world of your own design. And you live a life of your own design... Mostly unconscious...

I know you would not design a life that feels as bad as the life you are living, but in an unconscious way you have designed it...

This article is about how to design a life that you can enjoy. Your unconscious design has been given you the life you don't love... Your conscious design will give you the life you'll live... Continue reading "The size of your life is an indicator of the size of your possible happiness. What is the size of your life?"

Days of Power energy download


One can connect to Source on whatever vibrational level one is...

Vibrational level, in this context equals the consciousness level, or how far up you have ascended on the Tree of Life.

I know of four levels of connecting. Each higher level includes the previous lower level of capacities.

Level 0: Theta mode: you connect to your self... Here is the webinar recording that teaches it... Theta training. You have to be registered as a subscriber to that site.

  • Level 1: You can, for moments at a time, dis-identify with your mind
  • Level 2: You can measure ideas, concepts, and stuff you are not directly connected to, like people. You are a true empath with highly honed abilities. You don't live in your mind, you have released ego (the selfish gene) so you can connect, while you are connecting.
  • Level 3: You can download energies, like the activators, or the Energizer. I need to be highly coherent, balanced, and in good shape to "jump" to this level
  • Level 4: You can download the Avatar State energy and the Days of Power energies...

    Level 4 is barely tolerable. I can be there for only 30 seconds at a time... or it fries my brain... it is so burning.

    Tonight we'll have a Days of Power download, only the second time. It is very hard on me. And it is very hard for me to put myself on Level 4 of connecting.
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Tell me your problems and I’ll know the size of your life…


When your life is about you... when your life is about others... when your life is about ideas.. these are different sizes of a life you can have. In this article we'll examine the effects of these levels on your peace of mind, level of fulfillment, the quality of your life.

We'll start with me... and my experience.

In 1988 January 1, around 3 minutes after the ball dropped on Times Square, I declared something that ultimately turned my life around.

Download the pdf version of this article at the end of the article
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Updated: Pleasure seeking behavior… the avoiding pain behavior… The face the tiger workshop


There are two kinds of pleasure.

  1. Pleasure that is immediate, impulsive, and requires no or little sustained effort and
  2. Pleasure that is the result of work... sustained effort.

No matter what pleasure you seek, what makes it pleasure is the contrast:

there needs to be pain for pleasure to exist. 1

Although I could write about pleasure that you earn through hard and sustained work, and I have written hundreds of articles about it, people with too small capacity for pain (TLB) rarely turn around and become people who want to earn their pleasure.

So in this article I'll address the pleasure seeking behavior of people, you? whose pain threshold is very low.

Pain is a discomfort. Most pain is emotional or intellectual, only some are physical.
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How to measure vibration? How to measure spiritual vibration? how to measure your vibrational frequency


The vibration number, often called "vibrational frequency," tells a lot about a person.

According to many teachers, you need to raise your vibration to the level of the things you want...

This video is about that:

Find out more about this magic manifestation method >>>

Hi, I am Empath Sophie... I am a true empath... I'll guide you here to understanding.

"Vibrational frequency" is a number on a logarithmic scale, and it measures how accurately your world view and your emotions, thinking, behavior match reality, to what degree you have departed from human animal and rose to the level of human being. The current level of vibration of humanity is 130, which is about 1% of the way to human beingness.

It is good to know where you are at. You cannot change something that you don't know where it's at... With all the pretending, with all the charts, you probably overestimate or underestimate your vibration, your "vibrational frequency". Click here for another article I explain high vibration

To measure another person's vibration, spiritual vibration,

  1. you need to be energetically connected to that person (an empath capacity), or touch them... I am a True Empath, so I can do it remotely, and reliably
  2. your vibration needs to be above 200... and even there,
  3. you need to be connected to Source,
  4. be outside of your ego, to do that... to muscle test the other person's vibration.

Spiritual vibration, the number, will predict what you can see, recognize, how astute you can be, how well you'll do in life in all four areas of life: wealth, health, love, and happiness.

My vibration is above 900, I am 98% outside of my ego, so I trust my measurements. I share my story of how I went from a vibration of 35 to 185 to 295 to ultimately above 900 in about 50 years... I am 70 years old now.

People's lives, emotional state, achievements, relationships prove that my measurements are accurate, not only their actual feedback, of which I have a ton.

It's not only how you feel about yourself, but what you can do with your life that testifies and proves your vibration.
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How could you become ready to grow?


I am using Rob Brezsny's words here... maybe his English communicates better than mine:


Exaggerate your flaws till they turn into virtues Pretend your wounds are exotic tattoos Refuse the gifts that infringe on your freedom Shun sacred places that fill you with boredom Keep in mind it's bad luck to be superstitious The official story's always fictitious Pump up your karma with idiot laughter The promised land's here, not in some hereafter

We are searching for the answers so we can destroy them and dream up better questions

Here are two attitudes that will be useful, invaluable, and mandatory if you want to grow through my programs

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Updated: Becoming-a-human-being interrupted… what does Freud have to do with it?


Today has been a wonderful day... until I had a realization.

Until you make peace with your parents, none of my work will work for you.

Why? I will ponder that... maybe by the end of this article I'll know.

What's been happening?

People eagerly ask for capacity activations, and then turn them off promptly.

Your relationship to your parents is crucial.
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