Life: Cooking from recipes… or being a master chef…

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I have been anguished by the inability of my clients to abide by their food list and make it fully satisfying… Result: their well being tops off at 10%, while mine is 70%.

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I saw an article that suggests that following recipes is way inferior to knowing how to cook, knowing the patterns, the principles, the methods, the science and the art of preparing food. I republished that article here Cooking Jazz

Preparing food and your relationship to it is a ‘how’, not a ‘what’. And how you do anything is how you do everything, remember?

If your relationship to food, to the preparation, to cooking is in one way, we’ll find the same one way in other areas of life. So pay close attention to what is your relationship to cooking: this can be life altering.
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Your eating style can keep you strong and clearheaded

your eating style

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Eating style is not how you eat, it is how you SHOULD eat to be clear-headed, healthy, and energetic…

That is why I don’t trust questionnaires. They rely on what you know, and what you know is low truth value, even if, by accident, you are trying to be honest. Continue reading “Your eating style can keep you strong and clearheaded”

Human Design eating style, words… tiny pieces… enjoy

One of the most important things about humanity is arrogance: I know everything, except a few things… and once I know that, I’ll know everything I need to know.

  • What is knowable is 10% of all knowledge.
  • And a normal person knows about 1% of that 10%.
  • 90% of that 1% he knows wrong… what he ‘knows’ just isn’t so.
  • And he thinks he knows at least half of it.

This is true for everyone, PhD, Nobel Prize winner, Maven… What you know doesn’t really grow, only what you think you know grows…

Just watch the millions of books self-published on Amazon… Average truth value: 3%. Which means: 97% is not true.

13 or so years ago I ordered a report for $97. It came in an audio, a woman with this breezy spiritual voice, you know the voice, said what she said.

The report by Human Design told me how to eat. My eating style that will keep me healthy, smart, and slim. Continue reading “Human Design eating style, words… tiny pieces… enjoy”