Teaching by Proxy… want it? yours for the asking…

avatar nickelodeon teaching by proxyBack in 2013 I was experimenting with teaching by proxy. In some way I still do it in my Sunday calls.

I just listened to one of my 2013 proxy teaching calls, and I sound a little preachy, a little controlling, but regardless: it was an excellent call.

It is about how live like an avatar. How to live life like an avatar, avatar as in the Nickelodeon series’ avatars, not some spiritual ballyhoo… that I can’t say anything about, because I know nothing about it.

A Nickelodeon avatar has all the vending reality power available to him or her in moments of dire strait… When either their life is in peril or humanity is in peril. Continue reading “Teaching by Proxy… want it? yours for the asking…”