Rebooting your brain, rebooting your life

Imagine this scenario: You look up your bank balance, see the number. And suddenly dread grabs your chest and you are off to panic-land.

You see that unless you start generating an income before the end of the month, you’ll be on the dole… at the mercy of others, at the mercy of social services… You’ve run out of money, and you have run out of time.

What do you do now? Continue reading “Rebooting your brain, rebooting your life”

How fast can you raise your vibration? to get…

raise your vibrationYou want to raise your vibration, Right? You do… That is why you are here…

And you can. Your next question is probably: how fast?

There are two main issues for that question, how fast. Lack of courage and lack of humility, that if you have them, you probably won’t be able to raise your vibration until you overcome these two issues. Continue reading “How fast can you raise your vibration? to get…”

Feel powerless? What will it take to become powerful?

I have been observing that someone from Tallin, Estonia, a former Soviet Union country, has been spending time on my site.

And then in yesterday’s email, Vishen Lakhiani from Mind Valley announced a new masterclass: Unconditional Self-Love.

I don’t know what his wife is going to teach on that masterclass, but I know one thing: it will be, most likely, really beautiful, nice, heartwarming, and utterly ineffective. Why?

Answering that why is what this article is about… what they won’t teach you at Mindvalley. Continue reading “Feel powerless? What will it take to become powerful?”

Imagine you are shipwrecked… how far would you swim to get back to society?

I made my birthday week special by having a long, 90-minute private call with every active student of mine in my Growth course.

There are things you can see in an interactive course, and then there are things you can see in a private one-on-one call.

What I saw this week is priceless.

I saw how rigidity and fear, scarcity and timid moves, how living in survival actually looks when you look through actions. Continue reading “Imagine you are shipwrecked… how far would you swim to get back to society?”

Pattern recognition… or how widely and how deeply do you see?

From time to time I watch an animated feature movie on Netflix.

Those movies have the most clues for inner world patterns of all the movies… even though they are clearly designed to distribute memes… to train the next generation to become sheep.

But the artists that make the movies unwittingly, or defiantly, place some fundamental guidance and truth in those movies.

So it is with this little movie: Leap. (In other languages it is called the Ballerina)

It’s about a little orphan girl who lives in an orphanage, but dreams about becoming a dancer… a ballet dancer. She escapes the orphanage and goes to Paris to enroll in the famed ballet institute… to fulfill on her dream.

Through unpredictable events, she does… and though she can’t dance… a cleaning lady she finds turns out to be an ex famous dancer, until an accident made her an cripple. And she will become her mentor.

OK, here are the principles in the movie that stirred my inside up and explained a lot of things to me about me: Continue reading “Pattern recognition… or how widely and how deeply do you see?”

I grew up hating America

I grew up hating America. I cringed when I heard the actors speak in movies.

Today, in the “rabbit hole” of the Monday Morning Memo, I was lead to Paul Harvey, a famous radio broadcaster. I listened to a couple of his audios, and that searing, deep hate came back.

So I am sitting here and contemplating.

The hate reaction was instantaneous, but what to think… that needs to be cogitated, contemplated, in silence, without taking sides.

I look if it is the content and yes and no… so it is not the content. It is the audio.

The radio style copied by many, including Roy Williams of the Monday Morning Memo. Continue reading “I grew up hating America”