Raise your vibration. What should be your first steps?

You want to raise your vibration? Don’t know how to do it?

I talk to at least ten of you, readers, every day, through email. The question is always: but what do I do to raise my vibration?

The answer, when I give it to most of you, goes right over your head. We are like two trains passing each other in the night… I am not getting through to most you and therefore I can’t make a difference for you. But why is that?

This is what this article is about… so read it, and read it a few times, until it’s crystal clear.
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What is intelligence, really? And how does intelligence raise your vibration?

tiger in the woods or tiger woodsWhat is intelligence, really?

In Landmark Education there is a saying that most people don’t get, but is profound: Your actions are in a perfect dance with how the world occurs to you.

Now, it’s poetic and all that, because of the funky words, dance and occur, but it is probably the most profound thing anyone can say… and it took me about 15 years to get it.

Let me explain first those two words:
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What or who prevents you from growing?

Never+love+anybody+who+treats+The seed or nuclear unit of “society” is family, or more precisely, marriage. Nucleus means “core”.

Everything that society doesn’t bear you to be, doesn’t tolerate you to be, is also intolerable in marriage, even in a relationship.

What is a relationship?
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Andy Shaw’s Bug free mind… The good, the bad, and the ugly.

don't try to change your mind and expect your being to change!

The bad:

The biggest flaw of Andy Shaw’s work is it’s starting point.

Andy Shaw considers the mind important: He holds, that if you can change your mind you can change everything.

Not so. The mind isn’t the problem.

Even if you could change your mind, change the content in your mind, nothing would change.

The determinant of your actions, your attitude, your moods, your feelings is NOT the mind, but your being.
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Activate the body, feelings, so you can reduce the time you spend in the unproductive mind.

life-isnt-about-waiting-for-the-storm-to-pass-its-about-learning-to-dance-in-the-rainThe bug free mind book is a great vehicle to take you to a place of power, freedom, and self-expression, but only if your relationship to it is through your body, not through your understanding.

A reader asked:

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What’s poisoning your life? What’s poisoning your mind?


One of my favorite readers wrote: When I read this: “but there is no book or course available anywhere that asks you to look at what is poisoning your mind and being, what keeps you out of the present moment, what is sucking you dry anywhere…..”, I thought of the book you wanted to write. I thought that maybe you could have a book that addresses this subject, but in your style.
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Mind Bug #1: Knowing

knowing is the booby prizeThe first and most important bug is KNOWING

In the Bible, in Aramaic, the verb “know” means living with, sleeping with. Intellectual knowing is a different word.

In today’s word knowing is one of those words that have many meanings. The purpose of calling many things with the same word is to cause confusion. A confused mind is easy to control, just ask the “street hypnotists” that make you willingly hand over your valuables, even go home and bring all your jewelry to them… Their method is to confuse the mind… So there you have it.

  • You can know about something
  • You can know and understand something
  • You can know how to do something, even though you haven’t done it
  • You may have seen someone do something, and had a concept of what they actually did.

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Judgment vs observation, surrender vs resistance?

A bug free mind reader question. How to tell judgment from observation, surrender from resistance?

As I mentioned in a previous article, the Bug Free books** 1 can be your kindergarten, elementary school and maybe even your college… Then you need, if you are ambitious enough, if you have done well enough in those grades, you can start working with me.

Yesterday I had a session with a student, and that really drove it home for me.

Attending a class with me gives you the instant illusion that you have learned something. That you know something.
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