Is this all there is? Feeling that emptiness inside…

first robin of the spring disappointedYou feel empty inside. Even when you are “successful” you ask yourself the question: Is this all there is? You believe that other people, money, success, power should fill you up. Nothing has worked so far… or not longer than a few minutes, maybe a few hours.

The real cause of inner emptiness and what you can do about it.

If you feel empty, you are not alone in feeling this way. In fact, most people feel empty. And they run from that emptiness, because it doesn’t just feel bad, it “means” something bad about you… or so it feels.

Some of the explanations you may give yourself why you feel empty… why you ARE empty inside:
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What is the difference between persona and Self? Even have a Self?

Let’s talk about identification a little more… the identification that gives you the illusion that you are a person, but in fact it what is standing between you and becoming a person.

So what is a person? A person is someone who has a consciousness, a Self, that guides their actions, their relationship to life. When you ask: who is he? show is she? what comes up is not what they do for a living, what awards they won, how well or poorly they do their job… but something deeper and constant… They are that everywhere, on the job, in the public, in the bedroom… everywhere.

If you identify yourself with stuff on the periphery of your being, on the horizontal plane, what you say about yourself, what you want people to know is that you have won an Emmy, three time…

Or that you have had HIV for twenty years going
Or that you are gay
Or that you are black

And alas, it leaves you with no Self. The stuff you identify with has no consciousness, and have no defining power on your character.

Let’s do a little quiz: Which of these people/characters have a self?

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Why do I use harsh language, why do I provoke you all the time? Or how do you grow a self?

provocation18One of my jobs in causing transformation is to be an agent provocateur… to provoke people in my articles, on my webinars… keep on provoking.

Everything that upsets you drives up some way that you are off… off from the Tree of Life.

One recent occurrence was provoking Canadians about Canada.

Canadians are very sensitive about their country… just like a fat woman is sensitive about being called fat.

When you are offended… you can be sure that you identified with something outside of you… and don’t have a self.

In order to do this work, you need a crystallized self… as Gurjieff said.

I have no idea what that means, but no self is definitely not that… lol.

The slightest wind upsets you… you have no core, you have no toughness… you’ll never grow, until you grow a self.

How do you grow a self?
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Who you are when no one is looking… Part 2

A few days ago I wrote an article: “Who are you when no one is looking?

I got one brave person to answer the question.

Now, the question wasn’t: How do you feel when no one is looking? It also wasn’t: “How do you behave, what do you do, when no one is looking?”

The question was about beingness. The core. The part that doesn’t change with your moods, with the person you are talking to, with your circumstances.
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