What makes Sophie cry? Why is she crying?

What makes Sophie cry?

Some people like rants, others hate them. For many listening to rants is entertainment. For others ranting, yours or someone else’s is a release, like a good dump.

I hate rants, I hate ranting, and yet, occasionally getting what bugs you out to the open can be therapeutic. This article… I guess, is a rant.

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How I learned what I never expected from the Bach Profiles

In this article I follow the meandering path that took me to the Bach Profiles and the insight… bear with me…

People throw about words that even they don’t know what it means.

Framework, wireframe, system, and many more, but I’ll stick with these…

But before I attempt to shed light at what hell using these undefined words cover up, let’s look at this phenomenon of using words to hide meanings.

To hide intentions.

To hide evil inclination, agenda, manipulation, etc.

And the most surprising thing to me is this: seemingly intelligent people, the students, the buyers, echo the words…

If the seller didn’t know what they meant, the buyer surely doesn’t know.

I have been observing this in my Trumpist friends…

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