Principle guided life… OK… but what principles will make you happy?

When I wrote the article about racial, ancestral identity and its importance, I touched on something that is not valuable for most people… because I didn’t go deep enough and I didn’t accurately identify what it takes to be proud of who you are, where you belong.

I got on the phone with one of the people who was very unhappy about that article… I was eager to talk, because it is near impossible to go beyond the visible by yourself. It is a whole lot easier when you get input… because what is invisible to you can be visible for another.

The conversation was fruitful… And the insight to me was: it is not virtues, it is principles that form the basis of a happy life… I will elaborate…
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One path to Self you may want to take

the-most-awe-inspiring-youtube-videos-One of the capacities you want to cultivate is the capacity of being in awe. Awestruck, awe-inspired.

Why? Because unless you can be moved on the inside, you are dead and I can’t help you… nobody can.

Unless you can attain to a certain level of awe, you are not going to be able to have a purpose to your life, or love, or rise above the pedestrian existence of the current humanity.

And no, I am not going to turn it on for you, please don’t ask.

This is a project you need to invent for yourself, and try to get in the state of awe. Inspiring stories, inspiring books, inspiring people, inspiring movies.

Awe is being present to the beyond… the beyond of the level where you are, the beyond of the knowable universe… from where all power comes.
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Updated: Learning lessons the hard way or the easy way: choose


  • You can make the same mistake, over and over, expecting different results.
  • You can eventually learns from your mistakes, but you insist on making them a few times…
  • You can learn from other people’s mistakes.

I am not talking here about your IQ? About ability?

I am talking about behavior. Behavior that comes from your world view, your self-view, and the number of the capacities you are wielding…

To consider doing things differently needs a modicum of humility. Modicum means: a little bit. Most people have none… Just watch a 3-year old: “Don’t tell me what to do! I know!” yells the little boy… and they freeze into that attitude.

Humility is a capacity. Without some humility there in no curiosity, there is not real learning, there is no experimentation, thought or otherwise, there is not growth.

If you are a fatalist or determinist, 1 you probably have no humility.
If you find the juice in life in being a victim: you probably want no humility.

Thought experiments are tools for growth, tools for evolution…  2
Download the pdf version of this article at the end of the article
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Do you have free will? Free choice? What is the ego’s role in that?


Genetic determinism 1 and the ego’s role in it.

I could also have made the title: your horoscope and your ego’s role in it, or your soul correction and your ego’s role in it.

There is a lot of different ways people define ego, but what if the ego is none of those. Not what Freud called ego, not what gurus call ego.

What if the ego is simply the mechanism by which the Selfish Gene perpetuates itself… like an old dog that is unwilling to learn new tricks?

In animals, atypical behavior is rare. The “ego” calls the shot.

But humans have a choice

So, what is choice?
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Osho: What is jealousy and why does it hurt so much to be jealous?

jealousy, envy, all signs of desire for the self aloneI have been spending the last few days meditating, muscle testing, contemplating why it is that different people from different ethnic cultures are so different in one main aspect: caring.

Caring means that you are willing to consider another as important as yourself. And just the way you would not hurt yourself consciously and intentionally, you would not hurt another.

As it turns out, even after the DNA upgrade, only 19% of the population has the capacity to care. The rest refused to accept the DNA upgrade… remember, the ground rule is free will.

I have muscle tested different ethnic groups, and within the same ethnic group, I found, the DNA changed, and in the other ethnic groups it did not.
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Who is listening? Who are you when you listen?

who or what is listening?Did you notice that you don’t want to hear anything unpleasant? That the title of the previous article made you want to run?

Years ago I wrote an article, who is speaking, who is listening, what is speaking, what is listening.

Not one reader understood it… and that gave me the baseline to work with: nobody home, no distinctions, no who and no what is conscious over there.

Another possible reason why no one would understand is this: because the pretense you live, the fake life you live, the fake you that you promote in the world did not allow you to actually look, so you can answer the question.
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Why Being Cunning prevents humans from becoming god-like?

the-direction-of-human-evolution... devolutionHumans, this cunning species, want to know everything to be secure and superior

All the animals, all the plants on the planet are “fitting in with the system” we call Life.

Humans, on the other hand want to “beat the system” we call Life.

We’ve been doing it for a long time… for about 30 thousand years.
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Yesterday I had a day of rude awakening to glass ceilings we have

growth is a processYesterday I did some teaching with some people and the stuff didn’t go through. I am at a point where I am questioning if anything can be taught, if any change can be accomplished, if the current humanity is even able to go to the next level of evolution.
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Lack of confidence? Difficulty to trust yourself? This article is a must read if you want to become confident!

lack of confidence

Lacking confidence?

Summary: An enlightened being is confident. Confident in their ability to be a match to whatever life throws at them, and therefore they don’t fret, don’t sit around, they do what it takes to achieve what they set out to achieve.

A confident person can do almost anything. Confidence is not a belief, confidence is a certainty, a KNOWING, and it is a very high consciousness level… it is the capacity to see what isn’t there… because that is what it takes to KNOW that you are a match to anything, and if you fail, you’ll learn from it… just another way to be a match to life.

We could call the process of becoming confident the Path to Enlightenment…

Enlightenment is a process, that could be called becoming an Expanding Human Being… And the path to confidence… the process to become an Expanding Human Being, is finally ready.
And not surprisingly, this is the same path to a higher vibration, all the way from the puny vibration you have now, to the rarefied height of the 900’s, and anything in between.

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Become a match to your dreams

worth-itWhen I google this phrase, “become a match to your dreams” all the sites I find talk about the Law of Attraction or manifestation… so I have to suppress my distaste for the misdirection those sites and those teachers carry… and just relate to the sentence itself.

Most of the people, when I ask them what they want, talk about stuff that they have no business talking about. Most, I say, because I do have some, a few, exceptions.

When you consider that you have to work for everything… that the Law of Attraction, if there were anything valid like that, would say: when you are ready, when you have done your work, fully and without cutting corners, then the results will follow.

That is the REAL Law of Attraction. The law that tells you that you can earn what you want with work, that is complete, and thorough.
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