Control Life Or Dance With Life, Fit in or be happy… that is the question

from the sheep's point of viewSociety is a rule-system designed to perpetuate itself and only itself. It considered outsiders, differents an enemy and most of society’s activity, is hunting down and destroying everyone who is different.

Society is self-regulating: it feeds the members that comply, and denies sustenance to those that don’t comply, that don’t fit it.
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Intuitive, counter intuitive… what is that? Should you be intuitive?

The title of this post is tricky: what we consider intuitive and counter-intuitive, are most what answer the question: does it make sense?

And if it makes sense, then it is Tree of Knowledge, then it fits in with all the stuff that’s stored in your mind, and in society’s collective mind, and it is 99% certain to be wrong.

The real intuitive guidance you get needs you to be disconnected from Mind, and be connected to All-of-It… and that, for most people, has been impossible.

Most people would benefit from this story:
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Manifesting: is it possible for a human?

whenever you find yourself on the side of majority, it is time to pause and reflect. The majority is always wrong.Every Tom, Dick, and Harry teaches manifesting. Are all these people wrong?

Do I dare saying that manifesting is not possible, or will I succumb to my fear of being killed, and tell you to calm down: you can manifest, if you do it right, if you just want it bad enough?

I probably should be scared, but to tell you the truth, when it’s time, I’ll die peacefully, knowing that I lived in integrity. That is all anyone can hope for in a lifetime.

Now, with regards to this manifesting issue, here is the scoop:
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What if a narcissist isn’t what they say? What if it is a developmental glitch?

In my work to cause the next human evolution, I am coming to a startling realization: that humanity line of evolution is moving backwards… back towards the dark ages. Not on the same timeline it has evolved, but on a dead end line… instead of going upwards, it is going downward. 1

One of its symptoms is the growing number of narcissists… But what is Narcissism really?

I listened to Sam Vaknin, a narcissist himself, an expert talk about narcissism.

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The desire to lord over others vs. the desire to lord over oneself. Updated

The biggest problem with humanity is the unwillingness to face the truth, face darkness, and that is the cause of humanity’s descent to darkness. False security, unsuspecting, childlike, sheep.

I am not a time traveler, so I can only use my faculties to know, to recognize, to think logically, to compare… to intuit the truth about the past and therefore the present.

My finding is that humans, whatever DNA group they belong to, would never have evolved to the peak of consciousness in the Universe, if they didn’t always have that tiny little bit of inner light setting them right in the last moment.

Through ages of slaughter, and hunger, and misery, and hope and dividedness, somehow they always found a way to survive and to grow.

According to findings, my fantasies (I call them fantasies because I have no proof positive that it actually happened, though a lot of facts point in the same direction) humanity has had four previous generations that were born, grew, and annihilated themselves or got annihilated.

We are generation five.
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The Bible Code, DNA, the Original Design… Is the Bible a Code?

is the bible code?Some 10-15 years ago there was a blockbuster book, the Bible Code. It was written in the style of a report, but really it was a novel.

Its fundamental issue was the idea that the Bible (The Old Testament) is a code that tells everything about the future, the past and the present.

It used the original Hebrew “version” that is called the authentic “Torah” and it claimed that if you take out all the spaces and punctuation out of the text and make it a string of just characters, it can be used as a code.

The idea is bogus, but us, gullible humans grasping for some meaning in life, for some certainty, it was something to investigate.

Why is the idea bogus? Because for thousands of years the text of the Bible was an oral tradition: it was never written down… and something that passed through so many mouths cannot be considered a reliable foundation for a code by its letters.
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