What is life about? What is the purpose of life? I mean life for a human being? Not Life, but life…

meaning-of-life2What is life about? I mean life for a human being? Not Life, but life…

There are two schools of preference. The main difference between the two schools is how they consider your size, and how they define what is your “job” in life, what should be your aspiration.

One school, the one that we live in now, the predominant school of thought, says that you are small, inconsequential, there is something vast and powerful that you must obey and fear. That you are powerless and you need to resort to magic and fantasy and help from supernatural beings to be able to make anything happen. Continue reading “What is life about? What is the purpose of life? I mean life for a human being? Not Life, but life…”

Wideheld belief: you should already know… or that you should NOT have to work for knowledge

acting should be learned, it is an artHave you ever noticed that if a character in a movie or on a TV show is a good actor, you can bet that the person is from another country.

In the United States and Canada there is a wideheld belief that you should already know. That learning something is for other people, who don’t already know, and if you admitted that you need to learn something, it is akin you admitting of being an imbecile, or a lower type of person.

Now, in some rare cases people decide to learn something, and they go as far as getting an understanding, a surface understanding, and then they stop. I already know.

I don’t know of a profession that can be done well with no knowledge, but I can tell you, spiritual growth, causing your own evolution isn’t one of them: it takes more work than getting a Ph.D. and you can’t copy your paper from another… you actually have to do your own work.

If you every want to unhinge yourself from this commonly held detrimental belief, obviously Dark Side suggestion, you need to take pride in doing the work, and doing it.

Expectation is the mother of Disappointment

expectation is the mother of disappointmentOne of the questions I hear on the Talk-to-Me calls or in emails is how to “make it better” or what is good, etc.

It’s all a comparison, past based, from the mind.

One thing, disappointment 1 can’t be made better. It’s like pregnant: it is either a yes or a no.

Now, I assume that we all get disappointed, more or less, depending on us.

disappointment-2Disappointment is the shadow side of expectation.

Expectation, of course, is quite automatic, just like having an agenda is automatic… actually they are just a different word for the same thing.

I haven’t been able to consciously not expect a certain result… on the other hand, for the most part I expect nothing… or expect the worst.

This is another Dark Side suggestion: expect the best and then you’ll get the best… What a bunch of huey! The whole positive thinking movement is a Dark Side suggestion, and has created more misery than even religion, which is saying a lot.

Expecting the best won’t get you the best… Exactly the opposite is true.

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Spiritual practice: Recognizing yourself in another, considering the other a mirror

mirror-effectThis is probably the most politically incorrect post I have ever written… I could not find a picture to illustrate it on the whole world wide web.

Why is it politically incorrect? Because the current Dark Side suggestion is that you are perfect the way you are, and your job is to forgive yourself any faults, if you even have any, and keep looking to the outside where other people are worse than you…. Dark Side suggestions are designed to keep you miserable and powerless till you die… 1

But the picture and quote I found is true, even if no one understands it. Oh well…

The other day I watched this British comedian mock Robert Pattinson’s acting. I don’t know the actor he was talking about, but I recognized myself having, somewhat the same relationship with some gurus that, in my view, don’t deserve the adulation and the millions of dollars they make, while I “should”.
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Review: Natalie Ledwell and Mind-Movies: does it work? is it worth buying it?

mind movies matrixUpdate June 15: Unless you recognize the inner voices that want to keep you and your life the same, no program, including the Mind Movies will fail you… Because you and what YOU want will be beaten to the punch by the inner voices.

The practice that will allow the Mind Movies to work, The Amish Horse Training Method is something you want to consider BEFORE you spend your time, money, and dreams on the Mind Movies…

Bad news: no matter what program you buy, if you remain the same inside, small, arrogant, and fearful, no program will do anything for you… For most people there is a schasm, a big divide between what they want and what they do… And that big divide needs to be bridged by small purposeful actions. But the problem I see with any results based goal setting program: most people are incapable of designing the small actions, let alone doing them. So the success rate of a program like Mind Movies is way less than 1%… I have found only my programs (Sophie)  that attend to that gap, that big divide and the actions you need to take. So with that, read this review… just know: no matter how good it sounds, it’s almost guaranteed that unless you are already highly successful, it won’t do anything for you, anything lasting. And it will be just another program you paid for, and got nothing in return. Worse than that: you will get a significant lowering of your self-esteem.

Nevertheless, if you really want to work with Mind Movies… I have an activator for you: the Effortless Abundance Activator…. With it even the Mind Movies MAY work.

Before I start talking about the subject matter, Natalie Ledwell and Mind-Movies, let me quickly teach you something: The internet is populated, 90%, with material that is designed to make money for the person or company that published it.

If you could make money recommending the Mind Movies: would you lie? Would you say it’s the best thing that happened to you? Of course you would. But it would be still a lie…

So, as I was looking for honest reviews of Natalie Ledwell and her product, Mind-Movies, I didn’t find any.

So, let this be the first honest review.
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Dark Side Suggestions: How I Took The Bait And Almost Killed My Site

dark side suggestions What’s happening on yourvibration.com

By now you should be used to this: I screwed up. lol

By the way, most people screw up, but they won’t admit it. Given my soul correction, it is very important that I do.

I have been so inundated with Dark Side attacks, minimum six hours a day, suggesting – through feelings – that I should quit, die, give up, etc… I am not very surprised that I have made a mistake.

When you get “guidance” it often comes from the Dark Side. You need to muscle test while connected to Source. When you are not connected, the results of the muscle test come mostly from the Dark Side.

For about a week I did everything seemingly from my own head, and I didn’t muscle test. Unfortunately no one woke me up, not even some self-proclaimed marketers: it had to be reality that woke me up… that is always the worst. Lol

In these two weeks the number of visitors went down by 99%. It means instead of hundreds, there have been only tens. 9 today…

That is not what I had in MIND when I made the changes!
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