The Pebble In Your Shoe… Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

Many people tell me that I should not give it all away in articles, after all who is going to buy my stuff if I give away all the ‘knowledge’.

But the truth is, all the MIND knowledge we can ever have will NEVER help us to live a better life, to be healthier, etc. Doctors are an unhealthy bunch, psychologists / psychiatrist are a wimpy bunch, energy healers come to me for healing…

Why? because the mind considers knowing, i.e. information sufficient… and …

…As long as we identify yourself with the mind, you consider information/insight sufficient as well… But in life it isn’t sufficient… not by far.

Just look at weight: we all know what we should be doing, and we have known it for ever. We read, we learn… and yet the number of obese people is growing by the minute. Or worse than that, people losing and regaining the weight, hating themselves, and are totally POWERLESS… and they don’t know what they can do to become POWERFUL.

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Don’t Let What You Can’t Do Stop You From Doing What You Can

dont-let-what-you-cant-do-stop-youAnother old article revived… Oldie but goodie.

I woke up this morning with despair in my heart. No reason, just the mood. I stepped on the scale, and I put on half a pound yesterday. It was raining cats and dogs, but the temperature will be normal later today.

Must be Dark Side transmission…

I read some emails, answered them, but didn’t feel like working.

I took some Heaven on Earth Remedy.

I watched some videos. One had a comment under it: “Don’t Let What You Can’t Do Stop You From Doing What You Can”

I took some more Heaven on Earth.
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How to use context to be more astute, and feel better?

the-dark-side-of-the-moonWhen I have an unexpected feeling or emotion, I look for a context, because context is decisive. 1

This morning I had heart symptoms.

When you have a symptom, it is important to know what is causing it, because your actions will be different with different causes. Same symptom,different action.

Turns out that it was a Dark Side transmission.

Feelings are energies, and they can be duplicated by someone more advanced in energy sorcery than I even strive to be.

Had I been you, I would already be in the emergency room, racking up a huge bill.
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Is how you feel an accurate indicator of your vibration?


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Dr David Hawkins says that your mood indicated your vibration aka consciousness level. Is that accurate?

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Your brain is broken… How long before you realize?


Ostriches Don’t Hide Their Heads in the Sand, humans do

One of the problems I see with any of the things that I teach is: they all require you to look. To get your head out of your arse, and look.

Get out of your mind and look. Look at your body, your feelings, your emotions, then look if that is true for you.

Ask yourself what you think… you’ll be surprised how different answer you get from that question than the dazed nodding machine that did the reading…
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The drama of your life: do you have a choice about that? Conscious Uncoupling?

As a conscious empath I don’t only check if an emotion I feel is mine, I also check the source of the emotion.

Sometimes it is a Dark Side transmission, but mostly it’s another person I accidentally connected with.

I have two graduate students live in the downstairs apartment. Two girls.

Every time I go downstairs with a package for the mailman to pick up, or to check my mail, they hear me: the old wooden staircase makes an unholy noise. That’s when they connect, and I have to feel their emotions for a little while.

Both girls have a big issue about boys… it comes with their age.
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You are either growing or you are shrinking

BalanceOne of the major challenges for humans have is this constant need, this imperative to evolve…

In life you are either evolving or you are shrinking.

What’s the challenge really?

If you pay attention, every real or perceived threat to our survival, quality of life, or to our self-perception creates a strong emotional response. We call it fear, or anxiety, or anguish, or resistance… But no matter what you call it, it wants to activate the hide reflex.

You see, they say that the reflex is fight or flight, but it would be more apt to call the flight extreme hide, shrink, trying to fix.

Fighting is bad, because it’s ineffective, but so is the avoidance of any meaningful work.
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Follow A Guru Whose Vibration Is Lower Than Yours?

sad-catWhat Does It Say About You That You Follow A Guru Whose Vibration Is Lower Than Yours?

Why do I feel sad?

I got up this morning. I slept well in spite of the heat. The first email I opened was about a guru I had reviewed before, but I put someone else’s picture next to his name. A reader pointed it out, so I searched for the right picture. The vibrational numbers were correct, I re-measured them, 170 and 200.

Then another email talked about another guru, I measured: personal vibration: 150, truth value of teachings: 100 … whoa… that is almost record low. Criminals have higher vibration. Politicians and their campaign promises have higher vibration.

I went over many of the gurus, criminal, ugly, low vibration, fake, sinister…

And then I got really sad. Heavy heart, droopy, like life is over.

It felt that I was grieving over the badness of the world… I even wanted to eat, though nowadays I don’t touch food till 2 pm.
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Dark Side Part 2 — critical thinking, observation

sherlock holmes helps me figure out the dark sideLike with anything below the obvious (where most people live their lives, maybe even you?) you need to remove the top layer, to see the next one.

This is exactly what happened today.

I shared with a friend, that if I could figure out what was going on during the 19 days that the Dark Side seemingly stopped broadcasting, I would know more about the Dark Side. Obvious… right? Maybe enough to start countering their influence…

I hung up with the friend and published part one of the Dark Side post, and then, boom, I had a revelation.

I have been watching and reading the stories of Sherlock Holmes. Until a few days ago I had never read any of the stories. Probably because the movies I had seen glimpses of, did not resonate with me.
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Did the Dark Side Get to you? Feeling Good or Feeling Bad

Your reactive nature and dark side attacks: how does it work?

Yesterday was an interesting day. I distinguished something new. It was all easier, because something happened that was unusual.

Within three minutes three separate orders came in for Heaven on Earth, my energy bundle to ease your emotional pain. At the same exact time I was doubling over with feeling horrible anguish and the desire to just disappear, die, whatever.

Almost the entire month of May I’d felt good. I was more productive than any other time in my life. I was clear, I was well.

Now, you may not have noticed, but the fact that you feel good is a non-event. You only notice that you felt good when something happens and suddenly you don’t feel good.

This is exactly what happened to me. I suddenly was plagued with anguish, extreme anguish, and when I muscle tested, it came from no one, but when I asked: Is this a Dark Side attack? The answer was Yes.

Holy crap, 19 days (I muscle tested) with no Dark Side attacks.
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