Powerful Debriefing: How to be a winner regardless of your successes or failures

powerful debriefingOne of the major differences between winners and losers; winners have the ability to look at reality, and look long enough so all the filters get revealed and you actually see things for what they are.

Another difference between winners and losers is that winners love setbacks, love failures, maybe even more than success. Losers love success and hate failures, or setbacks.

Being a winner or a loser is a WHO issue: it is not a WHAT issue, not a circumstantial, horizontal plane phenomenon: it is who you are.
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Quantum Physics says: reality is what you believe it to be… And belief is a choice

Sometimes I get really lucky. And if I am ready, prepared, open, and eager for the gift, I can get it, harvest it, and life becomes brighter, by a lot. Clearer… by a lot.

This is what happened to me this morning.

I got up at 5:20. The other option was to sleep another hour and a half… and oversleep… So I got up. Better sleep less than more (read my Depression article to see why.)

Chilly morning… sweater and pants, big glass of Energized Water… I am ready for my email… And no, I don’t stretch, I don’t exercise, I don’t meditate… I go to my email and connect. Connect to All-of-it and to my people.

The first email is from a woman who is disappointed in me because I didn’t provide her with love, and warmth, and appreciation of how great she is. Hm.

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How you have trained yourself to be a self-hating, powerless puppet

La_confessioneConsciousness, Source, is using me and my life, and makes it my work to map out the human condition.

It’s been consciously so for about five years now.

When something, a sneaky undertow could not be seen on other people, I had to go through the experience to see it.

Without me being cheerfully game, I could say that it is the worst part of my life.

But, remember, the purpose I have invented for my life is to go to the edge, live there a bit, and come back sharing what I saw. And share it in a way that others can benefit from it.
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Money, success, love, hunger, greed desire, want?

poverty-378x275I am becoming clearer and clearer that one of the reasons you may not produce the results in your life, with my teachings, because you don’t understand the words, and you just nod, as if you did. At least that is my experience both on all my calls… so you are probably not an exception.

If looking up the word produces unsatisfying results, then please make sure you ask me in the comments section: I will make sure I explain all the words that don’t make sense. OK?

Here are a few that have come up lately as not understood:
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Guilt, Shame, and Failure and Becoming an Expanding Human Being

screw up = failure... so what?Contrary to what my headline might suggest, this is actually an upbeat message.

Guilt is about what you have done. You did something you feel you should not have done, but you did it anyway. Out of spite, out of impulsivity, out of ignorance. Now you are suffering. You feel bad about it.

Shame is about who you are. You are, in your world, less than you should be. That should may come from religion, comparison with others, comparison with the potential you once were…. Either way, you disappointed yourself, and now you are suffering.

Failure in business/life has no connection to either of these.

Failures, in business/life, are those little solar lights stuck in the ground, on the way to success.
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