It’s time to laugh… It is all s-h-i-t… bs… deception… illusion… a dream

religions of the world

Comets and the horns of MosesI am reading a Kindle book, Comets and the Horns of Moses (The Secret History of the World) by Laura Knight-Jadczyk 1

The book is 700 pages, and hard to read, so I don’t recommend it: I will write about it, it will be as good as reading it. Not here, not now, I first want to finish it, I am 40% through.
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Update on the psychic attacks on my person

I have been feeling a little better.

It seems that I am coming out of this nightmare of a period with more gains than one would expect at the end of something this horrible…

For example, after a year of not being able to eat vegetables (they made me sick) I have had three meals of freshly made vegetables this weekend, and I loved it. Theses attacks must have started long before I noticed them… but now that it’s all in the open, now that I can tell who are the people that are attacking, what exactly they are doing, and what is my exact recourse to protect myself, I have times in my day when I actually feel better than before. Not many and not long.

It seems that now we see why energies do not really heal: while the energies are sent, I feel like a dog… the moment the energies stop I feel perfectly well. So it seems that there are going to be no lasting consequences.

Sitting, working on the computer is still difficult, so I spend my time on my back, alternately fighting back, or reading Sherlock Holmes detective stories on my Kindle.

I am reading and re-reading the stories. I am starting the see the difference between the thrill of the first-second reading, much like a one night stand, the rush, and the deep love, deep appreciation of the subsequent readings: most people I know never go to that place with anything or anyone.
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Religion… what is it, what’s valid about it, and what is an enslavement device, or the “opium for the masses”

true-religionThere is religion 1 and there is religiousness. People of religion are fakes, pretenders, and not religious. 2

All religions were, originally, a world view, a world view, forever changing. As soon as more phenomenon was experienced, the more it changed. This is the true nature of knowledge.

The physical, knowable universe is about 1% of all there is. The number 1% is not the truth, it is an indication only for the vast and incomparable gap between what’s knowable and what isn’t. The proportion of the knowable and unknowable is unchanging, it’s probably the only constant in the universe.

How do we glean knowledge? Something happens. And then we explain it. From the limited perspective of the human mind. Then something else happens, that modifies what we had already known. Organic, and highly changeable.

Until… until someone decides that this is all the knowledge, and they create a dogma from it.
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Dark Side Part 2 — critical thinking, observation

sherlock holmes helps me figure out the dark sideLike with anything below the obvious (where most people live their lives, maybe even you?) you need to remove the top layer, to see the next one.

This is exactly what happened today.

I shared with a friend, that if I could figure out what was going on during the 19 days that the Dark Side seemingly stopped broadcasting, I would know more about the Dark Side. Obvious… right? Maybe enough to start countering their influence…

I hung up with the friend and published part one of the Dark Side post, and then, boom, I had a revelation.

I have been watching and reading the stories of Sherlock Holmes. Until a few days ago I had never read any of the stories. Probably because the movies I had seen glimpses of, did not resonate with me.
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