Are you a soul-less human? Are reptilian influences real?

The reason humanity (and your life) looks the way it looks is because you are a coward.

What do I mean by that? Some people know that they are cowards, some people suspect that they may be cowards, but most people don’t know and don’t give a rat’s ass if they are cowards or not.

What am I talking about?

I am talking about humans’ delusional nature.

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Updated: Soul Correction: Fearless

soulcorrection fearlessFear is an issue. It’s universal. You have it, I have it. You have to have it. It is the 200,000 year old hardware… where your life was lived out in an environment where everything was a threat to your survival.

Today’s fears are the same, except today the threats to your survival are missing… and yet, the fears continue.

Your path to the next level of evolution, Human Being, is the beingness of fearless… where you consider fear a necessary evil, and you take it with you wherever you go, big and small, safe or dangerous, like you would take a child with you who needs your support.
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Helicopter Ride, Turning Crap To Gold, Following A Guru

 I have been wondering what makes someone pick a certain guru, what capacity, what characteristics… This is the transcript of an audio of a conversation I had with Nancy, my brainstorming buddy… Listening to it is like going on a scenic helicopter ride… Enjoy

I just had one of the most intriguing conversations with my friend, Nancy.

One of the things I love about Nancy is that she always delivers the results I need, even when she is off. Continue reading “Helicopter Ride, Turning Crap To Gold, Following A Guru”

Drive, Passion, Desire, Want? Which Should You Cultivate?

You can be very happy with your life and grateful for its many blessings while simultaneously desiring more.

The quote is from a book by Rabbi Daniel Lapin: Thou Shall Prosper: Ten Commandments for Making Money (p. 3). Wiley. Kindle Edition. Continue reading “Drive, Passion, Desire, Want? Which Should You Cultivate?”