Do your own thinking… but how?

stampede_african_cape_buffalo_herdYou need to do your own thinking. Why? 1 Because that is what it means to be human. Don’t know how? You are not alone. Schools don’t teach thinking, because it cannot be standardized, and because a thinker cannot be controlled as sheep.

Here are some methods of thinking, in bold strokes:

  1. One would think that if you sit by yourself and use the mind to reshuffle all the information you have consciously or unconsciously gathered, then you can do effective thinking, an maybe some people can, although the methods of doing this kind of thinking require a lot of writing.
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Takeover of the planet through taking over your mind

gibberThe general public, including writers, can’t fathom anything less crude for mind-control than the affirmations in the Brave New World, or the microchip in Interface. A little bit more subtle is the method in Snow Crash, but not much.

The general public, including writers, cannot perceive, cannot conceive, cannot believe in the idea that mind-control is much more subtle, and it is going on all the time.

Or maybe how it is done in reality would not sell books? That is possible too.

Who is controlling your mind and to what end? What do they want that they are doing it… and they have been doing it for about seven thousand years… maybe even more.
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Addiction: Could This Healing Modality Free You From Your Prison? Bring about Heaven on Earth?

addiction and Heaven on Earth energy bundle: see where they overlap Addiction: Could This Modality Free You From Your Prison?

I just re-read an article I wrote back in November. A lot has happened since, and with the development of the Bach Flower Energies, (the energies of the Bach Flower Remedies) and the Heaven on Earth energy bundle, I can now say: there is help for addicts.

What keeps the addiction in place is the “no alternative” and the bad feelings in absence of the pleasure trigger, the thing one is addicted to.
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