Thou Shall Prosper: Know Yourself aka self-awareness

self-awareness, know yourselfThe Third Commandment: Get to Know Yourself… aka self-awareness

Awareness, and within it self-awareness ranks really high on the list of what are the most predictive capacities for a successful life.

Why? Because unless you interface with reality, with the world, with others, with what there is to do accurately, your actions will be misdirected… your energies are going to be used to fight windmills, and those are not the hallmarks of a successful person… in fact, to be successful, you need to use all you’ve got to live well, act rightly, and think rightly. Continue reading “Thou Shall Prosper: Know Yourself aka self-awareness”

Learning to Learn on

Learning to Learn on, the missing piece of the puzzle, especially if you combine it with the Playground: the partner calls, and the skill learning challenge.

I’ve completed the first two weeks of study on coursera, with 99% effectiveness measured by the tests: only two mistakes total.. But did I learn the material? 1

Why didn’t I take a whole week to do a week’s worth of study?

I am like a person who after weeks lost in the desert, finds good drinking water… Hungry, thirsty, excited. Continue reading “Learning to Learn on”

Imagining success, imagining stuff… here is what really happens…

Unless you know what creates your sky high desire number, and your unbridgeable gap between reality and your delusion… you need to learn where it comes from, what feeds it, and what is the feeder’s goal.

Your guiding principle should be: If in 30% you don’t know who is the sucker in the room, then it’s you. You are the sucker.

So how are you made the sucker? And how come you don’t know?

The mind, that storage/imaging device that is part of your brain, is really stupid. It really believes everything it hears.

You do “imagine” exercises, and the mind believes that it’s there.

Now, what good does that do to you? None, I say… no matter what your “wealth conditioning” expert teaches you.

It gives you delusions, and a delusional person becomes the next sucker… plain and simple. Continue reading “Imagining success, imagining stuff… here is what really happens…”