Full self realization: what does it mean and how to be the one in 100 thousand who does it?

Full self-realization is hard… Even half is hard… even being on the path is hard. Partially because we don’t know how to do it. And partially because you prefer to be comfortable…

This article maps it all out… so you can choose. Choose to go for it or not… And, please don’t expect stuff you have read, hear, everywhere… If it worked, a lot more people would be fully self-realized.

What prevents you from full self-realization 1 and what could be your pivoting point?

Self-realization is rare. You’ll be surprised why… read on…

We don’t even agree about what it is… do we?

But I had an insight this past week: self-realization is when the two selves meet and start to work as a team, synergistically.

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How to get out of your mind into reality where life happens?

Or how to unite your two selves so you can stop hating yourself, punishing yourself, and be happy inside and out

the-clothes-have-no-emporor.pngI had an insight this morning. I saw that every health issue I have ever had came from some idea, some thought, some teaching, not from my body.

Until age nine I was skinny. Then at that age I heard that whole grain is better for you… and I got promptly fat.

I have been hovering around 122 pounds when I heard from a student of mine about intermittent fasting. So I decided to do that. I promptly packed on three pounds. Nothing else changed…

All good ideas come from some mind, not your self. Your self is a lot smarter than you allow it to be. There is a separation between your mind and your real self. This article is to remove that separation, so you can be happy in all areas of life, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

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What is the source of your bad feelings? Do you know?

Almost all bad feelings you have come as a result of your delusional self, your precious “I” is scared of being devalued.

It is as if you were a gold plated coin pretending to be solid gold, and life would be continually threatening you to reveal your fakeness.

I used to be like you. I felt that there was a big gap between my accomplishments and my abilities… and maybe there was.

But most importantly, every little error, every little mistake I made or even just faced!!! jerked me down a hellish path…

filling me with dread, and fear, and remorse, and regret, and who even knows words for those horrible feelings.

And mistakes? I made plenty.

I misunderstood, I jumped into conclusion, I tried to do something too fast before I even saw what the heck I was supposed to do… Put my foot in the mouth… lol.

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Setting your sights sky high not getting your hands dirty

Are you always going for the home run? The big win?

One of the most useful steps in the 67 steps is the step where Tai compares business/life to baseball.

The most important aspect of business is to not lose money. Money lost is the result of mistakes. Mistakes are the results of hasty actions, or actions that try to go from zero to sky high in one fell swoop.

Like a baseball player who tries to hit the ball so hard every time as to be able to have a home run…

Most people I talk to have no skills, no plans, no idea… but when I ask them what they are up to, they talk about the sky-high.

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