Entitlement, entitled, deserving… do you get what you deserve?

What is the opposite of entitled?

This question around entitlement is asked on google thousands times a day, and the trend is that this number is growing steadily. 1

Other words that express this same entitlement are deserve and deserving.

Entitled means: believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.

Inherently means: in a permanent, essential, or characteristic way… as if it were a Law of Life, or a Natural Law, like gravity.

It is an INHERENTLY alien concept to life and reality. Continue reading “Entitlement, entitled, deserving… do you get what you deserve?”

How the Avatar State Activator takes you to the plane of abundance

Everyone wants stuff, it seems we live in the age of wanting. Strong wanting. Desperate wanting. All consuming wanting. 1

Billionaire Charlie Munger says: Everybody wants the good life but not everybody gets the good life. “To get what you want, you have to deserve (earn!) what you want. The world is not yet a crazy enough place to reward a whole bunch of undeserving people.”

And deserving is being at the right place at the right time with the right attitude, doing the things that earns the stuff you want. Health, wealth, love, and happiness.

Earning it.

If I asked you what you do to earn what you want, you would say “nothing,” or you would say “I do this and that.”

…and when I ask you: how much of this and that do you do, timewise? we would find out that mostly you just think about it. Fantasize about it.

I remember as a child I fantasized a lot about how I was going to spend the million bucks I win on the lottery. My brother is not a child (he is 65) but he still does exactly that…

For years I supported him and his family, financially, and he never appreciated it. Why? Not because he is a bad person, and he may be a bad person… My contribution paled in comparison to the millions he fantasized about.

He wanted millions, and he was unhappy with my meager contribution to him… like 90% of humanity. 90% in the same trap. The technical term for that wanting is “the desire trap”.

We live in an age of wanting, we live in the age of the Desire Trap.

You don’t even know what you would have to do, how much and with what attitude to actually earn what you want. Your wanting is just that… a gnawing dissatisfaction, with zero foundation in reality.

Life can be lived on two distinct planes (paradigms), the horizontal plane and the vertical plane.

Wanting keeps you squarely on the horizontal plane, the Valley of The Shadow of Death… every day you get one day closer to death, you are in a hurry, to avoid death, to avoid pain, to avoid discomfort, to avoid getting older.

You even do spirituality on the horizontal plane. You act how you think spirituality is… or should be.

Here is an email showing what I mean:

I see Orbs with me all the time, my outdoor cameras capture amazing Light Beings, since April I am able to feel the vibration from crystals and before that I feel vibrations from trees, especially if they are really old. At times I can feel their emotions. Wild cats come to me especially when I am sad or vibrating high.

Or your health:

I am very healthy and do not contract cold/flu. I’ve been sick once in the last few years. My skin is glowing. My hair lustrous. My skin on my body very soft to the touch. I am 42 but look much younger. I’m lean and fit. My body does not look it’s age or even close to my age.

Could you please explain this to me?

None of it is what spirituality or health on the vertical plane are.

On the vertical plane you see rightly. You see reality the way reality is, no distortions. No preconcieved notions. No Tree of Knowledge second-hand knowledge. You see.

Your wanting, on the horizontal plane, acts as a distortion filter what narrows your cone of vision, and blurs your vision.

If you want to deserve what you want, the good life, or any component of it, you need to get first to the vertical plane where you can see rightly, where you can have the right attitude.

Seeing rightly allows you to see where you are. See it with sober eyes, and see how from where you are you can get to where you want to get to.

It may take one action, it may take a million, but you’ll be able to see some actions that will, at least, take you to a place closer to where you want to be.

None of this is visible on the horizontal plane. And that means that every single action you take, or plan to take on the horizontal plane is misdirected. Based on a distorted view of reality, a distorted view of yourself as well.

  • One of the distortions is that you are better than you are.
  • Another is that it can be fast, maybe even instant… And when you believe that, when reality will look as if it supported that distorted view, you’ll do things that are designed to cause instant results.

Prayer, incantation, energy healing, schemes, goalsetting, vision boards, mind movies.

Some of those actually work on the vertical plane… but they never work instantly… because the nature of reality is that everything is a process.

Now, if you wanted to do what is the most expeditious action to get you what you want, your first step would be to get yourself in the position where you can see what is real, and act from there.

I have a bunch of short energy audios you can play in the background, looping, called Avatar State Activators.

They carry you onto the vertical plane as long as you consciously work with the energy.

I, for example play the Abundance Generator audio in my office. It has the audible birds in the meadow recording combined with the energy audio.

I am present to the audio, to the birds a few minutes in a normal day, and present and co-creative with the energy even less than that.

I asked one of my students how long he hears the audio. He told me he turns it on for a few minutes a day, the rest of the time he uses the speaker for something else.

And even when he hears the birds (he bought the Abundance Generator as well) he is not actively helping the energy to lift him to the vertical plane.

Joel Salatin says: I don’t mind carrying a man but I don’t want him dragging his feet… The co-creative energy is the same way: it will do half of the work, and your cooperation, your mindset, your attention will do the other half.

On the horizontal plane you expect everything to work without your input. If you bring that same attitude to getting to the vertical plane, to listening to the Avatar state activator audio. Your attitude is dragging your feet.

In my coaching methodology I only pay attention to the actions, attitudes, behaviors that keep you away from the heaven you seek.

And clarifying your vision, your target. Because without a vision, without a target to move towards, you are still dragging your feet.

Without a target you’ll be busy, but will go nowhere.

I am always suspicious of busy people. Busy-ness covers up that you don’t know where you are going, that you are scared to set a target, or that you just want excitement.

Even on the vertical plane it takes time for the eyes to see clearly, and to know what you are seeing. How do I know? I am observing myself, my eyes, and my own experience.

Obviously I don’t go to the cave of my mind to see…

Targets, visions, created in the cave of the mind are not based on reality, neither the outer reality, nor your inner reality. They are dreams.

I do most of my looking and pondering of what I want to pick as a target either while talking to someone who knows something about what one needs to set a realistic target. About 10% of coaches can do that. The 90% is utterly clueless.

I once had a coach who created plans and targets for people that completely ignored reality, but baited them to stay and pay her the big bucks.

I have a student who is getting good at being a brainstorming partner with me: this may be the direction his life is moving… we shall see.

Having a conversation with someone who cannot see reality is not useful. Someone who lives fully on the horizontal plane…

I once, doing a project in a Landmark course, had a coach who was like a cheerleader… utterly useless.

In my accountability coaching I pair up people who work on this exact thing: observing reality, inner and outer, and experiment… Post their results daily, read my feedback, daily, and in a weekly conversation with each other, they go deeper, and can brainstorm.

That program, the accountability coaching is suitable only for people who make time to do the work it takes to get better, and get closer to their target.

Often the first target is to choose a direction, by the way. A target picked out of thin air is a mind-product: useless, and a false start. The target needs to come from your inner and outer reality… not from your head.

But in the accountability coaching you can test it… it will prove itself… or not.

And, as you interact with your accountability partner and me, DAILY!!!, your inner and outer reality is becoming easier and easier to see. Your eyes become sharper, and your actions become more and more in line with the direction you want to go.

How long does it take?

It’s a tricky question. In my experience,

unless I see your direction through the inner and outer reality your revealed in your posts and actions, I can’t help you get there.

This is the main reason I refuse to take on many new participants. The more stuff they talk about, I know that they less they will be willing to reveal their reality.

The distance between their real self and their precious “I” they want to shove under my nose, is too big.

It takes courage and WORK to bring the two selves closer, no energy by itself, no course by itself, no person by themselves will be able to do it for you.

If you live an inauthentic life, if your livelihood, marriage, social standing is entrenched in having a façade, I most likely won’t take you on as a client.

I don’t mind carrying a man, but I don’t want them to drag their feet.

When you want to maintain appearances, that is dragging your feet.

Only in fables, like Jesus and the two sets of footprints FABLE suggest that you can be taken to heaven… No. Someone can walk you to heaven, but you need to do the walking.

Bad news? Hey… there is more where this came from.

Now, what would I do if I were you?

  1. I would pick an avatar state activator audio (it activates the avatar state… aka the vertical plane) of any flavor you like.
  2. And start playing it in the background, Just don’t play it in your bedroom: it won’t let you sleep… the energy is too strong. In fact it is too strong for your brain… so don’t listen too closely, no headphones, please.
  3. Start learning how to lift your feet of the ground, so you don’t drag them. Get the hang of it… Feel the lifting power of the energy. It lifts you by your chest…
  4. And when lifted, start looking at your life, at yourself, at what you’d want even if it cost you much.

The more successful you are at this stage, the more suitable you become for coaching of any kind.

What do you need?

  1. You need to pick one focus for the audio… not two-three-four like many have done. ONE.
  2. You need a good quality speaker that you can power without any other instrument… computer audio won’t work too well for this.
  3. The audio needs to be on the speaker itself.
  4. And you need your willingness to work WITH the energy. Consider the energy a fireman, a Jesus, who wants to carry you to safety, but cannot do it without your participation. That is how I do it. I move my chest up… and that, reliably, starts the process. In fact it works just like a switch or a signal…

I do that with every energy audio I have, by the way.

No energy does what it is designed to do without your conscious participation. This even includes the Dark Side energies that make you worry about what’s wrong… and that acts as a signal… from that point on the energy carries you where it was designed to carry you.

Heaven and Hell are real… Don’t kid yourself. Please.

OK, what’s next?

You can get the Abundance Generator Avatar State Activator here:

What can you expect from using this audio the way I explained above?

The Avatar State Activator Audio can pull you, like a vortex, onto the vertical plane where your intentions, your vibration, your attitude harmonizes themselves with making money.

While hearing and working with the audio on a freestanding speaker, not on headphones

  • You’ll be able to look at reality, yourself with sober eyes… to see what is realistic for you to do, what you can succeed at…
  • You’ll experience more affinity towards your work and will see how to make it more enjoyable
  • The audio will redirect your attention to behaviors and attitudes that are conducive to money
  • The audio will help you appreciate what you have, what you make, what is.
  • The audio, while you work with it, return you to a sense of power over yourself and over your life.

Instant access…

Or if you want to pick a different focus… here is the page with all the Avatar State Activatior Audios

Avatar State Activatior Audios

Deserving… why do you need to deserve what you want? Why you cannot see value?

I have written a bunch of articles about deserving. For several reasons, the most important is this: deserving is a tricky word… Is it a beingness verb, maybe adjective or is it a true verb, doingness? I hope I can hold your attention through a few articles exploring this ever so important word… Once you get it, you’ll know what to do. Because you cannot get what you want without deserving it… And if you do get what you want without deserving, what you wanted will kill you… Sounds like a puzzle… it’s a principle.

This article is a year and a half old…

I find myself angry.

On one hand you want. A lot of things.

On the other hand you think it should be handed to you. Because… why? You don’t know. But you see other people who have it and surely there is no difference you can see between them and you… and in many ways you seem to yourself better than those people who have what you want. You are nicer, prettier, maybe smarter, and yet… they are getting what you want, not you.

What you don’t see: you can’t see, what is invisible to you…

It is what is under the hood.

Ultimately, if I compared you to a lion, or maybe even a cat… you would come up short.

For the most part a lion or a cat can see what is important to them. Certainly there are cats that choose the wrong time to cross the street, and get hit by a fast car… but this doesn’t happen all that often.

Whereas you can’t see all the things you need to see to get what you want.

In fact you see only a tiny fragment of what you need to see. The rest: you fill out with your imagination.

I know you think I am judgmental. This is exactly what I am talking about. You don’t know the difference between judgment and assessment… I bet you don’t even know the second word… 1

In life you get what you deserve. Actively deserve. Meaning what you can and do work for… the value you create, in the world.

But because the human world is a lot more complicated than a cat’s world, you need to be able to recognize and correctly use, a lot more things than the cat.

You need to be able to recognize…

  • Who is a friend, and who is a foe.
  • What is useful and for what.
  • What works and doesn’t.
  • What is valuable for others and what isn’t.
  • What other people want… from you.

This last one is very tricky: you think you know. But you are way way off…

Actually, you are way off in every single area of life.

And I am angry.

You say: but somehow you earned a roof over your head and three meals a day! And yes, you have.

Our welfare system has set a rule that even if you provide no, or not much value, you are granted the minimum to survive… They take resources from more deserving people to ensure that you survive…

But that is what you deserve in today’s day and age: surviving.

  • The trouble is that you think you should have more.
  • The trouble is that you don’t deserve it… because to deserve it you need to be worth a damn.

“To get what you want, you have to deserve what you want. The world is not yet a crazy enough place to reward a whole bunch of undeserving people.”
~ Charles T. Munger

What is between you and being deserving is knowledge. Knowing enough so you can recognize a lot of things and respond to them appropriately.

Most people do it through reading, thinking, observing, evaluating, pondering, discussing… It takes active participation with information for it to turn into knowledge.

Even in just one narrow slice of life… like health.

Or making money…
Or relationship…
Or art…

Generations after generations of people never went beyond dealing and seeing the surface, not even deserving the handouts humane societies give to the less intelligent.

And thousands upon thousands of people milking you for the dollars you have for miracles cures, for miracle courses that will make you smart, pretty, rich.

Few cats would fall for the tricks you fall for.

I say, cats are smarter than most humans today. Smarter as cats… obviously.

I have unsubscribed from thousands of email lists, but not everything: some people email so rarely, I am unsubscribing now.

I got an email for a couple, medical intuitives and distant healers… Canadians.

For a small fortune (for me) you can get “diagnosed” and maybe “distant healed”…

You and these “healers” are the perfect match… you deserve each other.

PS: as I am looking for images for this article I see that everyone talks about an intrinsic value “deserving” when they use the word. But in a world of eight billion people “being deserving” is just the beginning. You have to start creating value in the world… Money, love, friendship, respect, all need to be earned. With you providing something of value to the other. Yeah… bummer, eh?

PPS: Unless you can see value in all three ways, you will never amount to much. You’ll be merely surviving, but will not be living. Like a caged cat… some other will provide you with meals and shelter… not you for yourself.

Your success in life is commensurate with your ability to see value. And given the masses of people who don’t… given the confusion “they” create, intentionally, seeing value is hard work. To start seeing what you can’t see…