Seeing… one of the Metaskills that will raise your vibration

I am reading the Metaskills book.

I am reading it for you and for me.

This book has given me a big insight... and ultimately a breakthrough, though we shall see...

OK, let me start at the beginning.

Most books are either easy or difficult to read. Why? I just found out.

This book, the Metaskills was alternating between easy to read and difficult to read.

At some point it felt like thick mud I needed to wade through.

Why? I had no idea how what he was talking about was connecting to what the book was supposedly about.

I am nearly certain that this happens to you often. The thought is "What does this have to do with the price of tea in China?" or some other dismissive thought.

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Why is the future of the planet the way it looks… ugh…?

I am reading an amazing and disturbing book.

Like yourself, I also prefer to look at the pretty, the beautiful, the harmonious, the happy... but if you want to tell the truth, there is not much of that, at least where humans are involved.

Of course I can't avoid it... no matter where I go, no matter where I look, some horrid inner turmoil of some person, wholly unrelated to what I am doing, is taking over my body. Ugh.

And then there are the people to whom I have to connect. You are not pretty inside.

The book, Stanislaw Lem's is the chronicles of a 25th, maybe 27th Century man, I. Tichy... who visits planets, who time travels, and chronicles.

The horrors he relates to with deadpan seriousness 1 is the future of the attitude we have on Earth.

Desire for the Self alone... disregarding the whole... narrow cone of vision.
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You are hardwired to be bad and pretend to be good or better than others

make me be the person my dog sees when he looks at meUntil you can look inside at your ugliness, at your emptiness, at your hatefulness, spitefulness, gossipy judgmental behavior, and see it for what it is, you will NEVER raise your vibration.

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Can you become an empath? And why would it be good?

I am a lot like a pitbull... I latch onto something and won't let go until I pull it all the way out of the invisible, until all of it shows.

I just pushed the button "publish" on my article asking if you are teachable.

I had left two questions unanswered in that article: one about me learning how to connect by muting a video... and the other one: my ex student learning to connect, from me... but nothing else.

  • I am an empath. Nothing new in that.
  • The ex student is also an empath. Not a TRUE empath, like me. TRUE empaths, I think, are born. But empathy can be opened up: it is a spiritual capacity. And intangible capacity. NOT superhuman.

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Is consistency THE winning capacity?

I am on my eighth round of the 67 steps.

Obviously I am following what I learned when I was nine: you can spend a whole vacation reading a book, or a lifetime listening and working with 67 audios and not get bored with it.

Or the way Bruce Lee says the same thing: I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.

I have grown more in these 19 months than in any similar period in my life.


Most people I watch are not present to what they are doing: it is habitual, which means mindless, stuck, plateaued. Continue reading "Is consistency THE winning capacity?"

How Many Different Ways Do You Know Your Mind Keeps You From Hearing What’s Being Said?

How Many Different Ways Do You Know Your Mind Keep You Trapped In A Dead End Loop Of Activity?

I've told you about me, finally, awakening that there is a mosquito invasion in every window of my duplex.

So I've researched for ways to get rid of the mosquitoes that doesn't involve chemicals, doesn't involve flame throwers, and expensive carbon monoxide machines.

One recipe called for brown sugar. I have never bought brown sugar, and I didn't feel good buying a pound of brown sugar for the mosquitoes... but I remembered that I had some black-strap molasses in my kitchen cabinets. After all brown sugar is not perfectly cleaned sugar... mostly they just mix the white sugar with some molasses... I can do that.

The mosquitoes love the molasses. They buzz above them, and then they go too close and the sticky gooey molasses trap them. They move around but can't get out.

This reminds me that we could talk about the morass: the mind's way to keep you trapped in useless servitude so you can't move forward.

Sound useful? Then let's get to it.

Ways the morass traps you

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Awareness or joyless blame…

don't hang your happiness of what can be taken awayAwareness

I don't miss much. It's normal for me.

I think one of the big lessons I needed to learn, needed to get aware of, is that your world is different.

It's been a lifetime challenge. No matter how resistant the world, people, have been to my ideas, until I could identify, with pinpoint precision, what was there that I didn't have, or what was it that I had that they didn't have, and therefore didn't value, I remained ineffective, misunderstood, and not valued.

Everywhere, on every level of communication.
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On depression: I think I nailed it

On depression: being not at the right place, not in the right environment, not doing the right thing, not being the right one.

Depression is and has been the marker of my road... like the fields on the side of the road mark out the road.

Inevitably oftentimes the road leads into the field, or the field creeps into the road... and a depressed mood, a hopelessness, a futility starts mixing into my life.

It is hard to sleep, or hard to get up, or both.

Nothing changed and everything changed.

I have been watching it with curiosity mixed with worry... it is not pleasant to be depressed.

But today curiosity won out: I stopped worrying about death.

In this article am going to allow Source to guide me to know more, to allow me to be the captain of my ship more...
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Soul Correction: Building Bridges Updated

Building Bridges

Update 4/4/17: New insight: Building Bridges (BB) is quite slothful by nature... I am changing the picture to an actual bridge... because it is a more apt illustration: you want to get to the other side, and you need to do a ton of work to get there... and you have no skills... but to build skills you also have to build a bridge between the thought and the action that builds skills... So most Building Bridges never actually do anything. The only BB I have ever seen do something is a guy who has undertook reading... and following that method, he is now adding skills to his toolbox. He may amount to much.

So what is the trick?

I recommended that he starts reading not worrying if he understands, or if he enjoys it. He trusted me and started to read that way. After a while comprehension imperceptibly grew, and now he enjoys reading.

Once a BB experiences how learning a skill works, they grow wings.

It takes a lot of skills to build a bridge, but each bridge is the same: you have to start with no visible results plus faith. Faith that the investment will work out, even though they can't see it.

Without this a BB will just live randomly, thrown about like a dry leaf, never amounting to anything.

Download the pdf version of this article at the end of the article
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The crucial difference between being flexible and being floppy, or What is the difference between people who grow and people who don’t?

One of the 67 steps talks about the acquired attitude in life, called by Martin Seligman: Learned Helplessness.

It is a distinction, and it seems that none of my students have even attempted to observe it, identify it, and recognize it... like the color in the color exercise. 1

Because nearly everyone has it, and because it is so important to recognize it, recognize it as a learned behavior, not innate, not natural, not coming from the Tree of Life, I am going to do the work here... as a demonstration of what mastering the color exercise can give you. Continue reading "The crucial difference between being flexible and being floppy, or What is the difference between people who grow and people who don’t?"