I am told by Source that I am enlightened

I am told by Source that I am enlightened. 🙁

And that there have been only 19 people, in all the history of humanity, that got enlightened.

I am very uncomfortable… maybe even embarrassed. Continue reading “I am told by Source that I am enlightened”

The entitlement anchor: what being ‘entitled’ really means

The entitlement is anchored deep, and unless it’s pulled, it will keep jerking you back and forth, like a puppet.

Because I never felt that I was entitled to anything. My entitlement genes turned off when they were supposed to. It was around age 2. That was actually a little early, but that’s when it happened for me.

I never suspected that the entitlement anchor is actually more predictive to the quality of your life, to your unvoluntary harmful actions than the anchor to doom. Continue reading “The entitlement anchor: what being ‘entitled’ really means”

Selfish? let’s look at selfish, let’s look at unselfish

Life is best when it is lived where what you want for yourself is a side effect.

For half of humanity that sounds like liberal nonsense… but this is how life becomes the most enjoyable, and maybe the most ‘life-earning’ as well, in spite of it being counter intuitive.

And this is true in every area of life…

I can’t write a better article on this than Zat Rana on Medium.

What I can write best about is the wretchedness of going straight for what you want, and quitting when anyone else benefits… And I can share how this… getting what I need as a side effect, consciously, has been one of the secrets of my inner peace, fulfillment, and happiness. Continue reading “Selfish? let’s look at selfish, let’s look at unselfish”

Is cheerfulness good for you? Is it a virtue?


Portrait of family outdoors, close up

This article was inspired by an Aeon.co article against cheerfulness as a virtue

cheerfulness: noticeably happy and optimistic.
causing happiness by its nature or appearance.

I am taking that concept to its conclusion… So here we go…

The mantra of the world-class thinker is: “I am responsible.”

That quote is from Mentally Tough leader, Steve Siebold…

I get his one-sentence emails, and I read them. They are all wakeup calls, and they are all telling me the many ways your TLB, Twitchy Little Bastard score manifests.

I teach that the most valuable ability, capacity, aspiration, maybe even virtue is to interact with reality.

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