How I raised my vibration: my secret method revealed.


Kindness reveals the diamond…

Change must begin with clarity of where you are… precision, exactness, all of which you and I have been trying to avoid.

So we make up all kinds of stuff, including the butterfly analogy. After all if you need to go through transformation to become a butterfly, you don’t have to be responsible for any of it… it is a miracle transformation, it is out of your hands.

In this article I’ll show you how I change, from a totally different place, the place of conscious change, where you don’t need a miracle, you don’t need voodoo, where you need work… (Oh no Sophie, not work again!? lol)

I will show you the work that brings out the diamond, the shine, the beauty in us… the best work anyone can ever want or wish for.
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Soul Correction #39: Diamond in The Rough

soulcorrection diamond in the roughA diamonds in the rough looks like a piece of rock. If you don’t expect it, you will treat it as a rock. Or a shard of glass

But if you are willing to go beyond the surface, you will be rich. Few people ever do that. Not with themselves, not with others, not with anything in the world.

Their shallow view of the world makes their life shallow, and they will go for every glitter, every shiny object. Because they are unwilling to go beyond the top layer, the visible layer.
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Soul Correction: Diamond in The Rough

Diamond in the rough

Soul correction is the soul’s purpose. No matter what activity you choose for your life, you can use it to be perfect for your soul’s correction.

This particular soul’s purpose is to find the diamond inside the rock: it’s there.

When life gives you rocks, they contain the diamonds. You did get rocks from life, and it is consistent with this soulcorrection.

So far you have been behaving like a victim, but the truth is that your soul really trusts you to turn it around.

You can do it, and this program is here to guide you through it.

On the other hand you may be the one who is the Diamond in the Rough… maybe you have the diamond inside you and you have been thinking that what you see is all you have.

But like with any diamond, the value in the removing the parts that are not diamond, and then the creating the lots of surfaces: that is what makes a diamond a brilliant cut diamond… that people pay all that much for… because they reflect the light in so many beautiful ways.

Which is true for you? My guess that it’s the second… So get going, get chiseling, get yourself out of the prison.