Diet Conspiracy, Conspiracy Diet

what-if-your-diet-is-causing-your-hair-lossAs you already know, I consider the root of all evil a conspiracy: consciously misleading, consciously training you to be a zombie, so they can harvest your money, so they can harvest your power for their own purposes.

Am I a conspiracy theorist? No. I am a conspiracy reversal activist: I train you to be the best you can be, in alignment with the Original Design, body, mind, soul, behavior.

Tall order, and there is not much money in it. The money is in scaring you into handing over your hard earned money… I subscribe to mailing lists of these scare mongers just to know what you are exposed to.

Is it possible to reverse the effects of conspiracies? Yes, it is possible to reverse the effects of conspiracies that distorted you… but conspiracies on a larger scale? I don’t know, I don’t even want to go there… like religion, like the banking system, like politics… too big for one person to fight, and I am definitely not a team player.
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