Birthday musings… are you ready to come out and play?

It’s my birthday today, and I guess, I should be doing something other than work… but I love working, so I am going to do as much of it today as i can.

What is great about having all this Social Media is that people are reminded that I have a birthday, so people come out of the woodwork.

But people do it in their inimitable way.

Self-expression… or maybe self-expression?

Some act as if they were the one stirring the soup of the Universe, and therefore had the right to tell me how to be, who to be… I have removed them from my mailing list. Unless I hired you to be my coach, your coaching is not welcome.

Yet others, who are stingy… your stinginess is expressed in everything you do and say. Especially in the “you are welcome” part… That “you are welcome” shows that they think more than 90% of the time about themselves… and nothing else. Continue reading “Birthday musings… are you ready to come out and play?”

Will Practicing Compassion Make You A Better Human?

How To Raise Your Vibration? Become A Better Human Being, Practice Compassion

What is gooD? wHAT IS the definition OF GOOD?

The first question that you should ask when I suggest you become a better human being, is ‘what do you mean: better?’ Continue reading “Will Practicing Compassion Make You A Better Human?”