Equality, racist, collusion, big words you throw around

race,racist, racismYesterday I used the free community van to get to two stores I cannot get to easily on my own.

Note: in the illustrations I am not taking sides. I am illustrating that there is confusion and disagreement in what is race, what is racist, what is racism, and what it does is it makes people rigid, lie about what they think, and vote for Trump… ugh.

The driver of the van, PhD in sociology, asked if it bothered me if he continued to listen to NPR radio 1 . It was a public debate in Trump and if he was a racist.

I listened for at least half an hour, and observed that no one bothered to define what they meant by racist. Or what is racism. So the discussion was as if blind people were discussing the color of something… lots of talk. Lots of passion. Very little substance. Continue reading “Equality, racist, collusion, big words you throw around”

Life is unnecessarily hard for us. How do I know? We are in it together…

I have found, that the biggest “deterrent” for me from getting something new done is a version of visual/mental overwhelm: when my wires get crossed.

Any occurrence of not understanding something begins the process.

As a dyslexic, this happens quite often, especially when there is a form to fill out: what is most likely normal for people with a normal brain is gobbledygook 1 to me.

Now, it is not necessarily their fault…

As I am working in tandem with my marketing client, it is clear that he has none of my difficulties. He has other difficulties, but not brain scramble difficulties.

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One of my students had an unexpected breakthrough. Breakthrough explained

Most breakthroughs go by as if they didn’t happen. Why? Because a breakthrough not understood doesn’t create a new level of operating for the person. They are sometimes viewed as magic, a miracle… divine interference, but not something that was caused by the person.

A breakthrough fully understood creates a whole new level of performance, whether it was an organization, a science, or a person that had it.

With that said, this is the purpose of this article: to create for her a new level of operation, a new level of performance, through understanding what happened.

She had been paralyzed for months. She wasn’t able to articulate the reason, she just wasn’t doing her work, and her numbers were plummeting. Vibration, number of capacities, etc.
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When you encounter resistance, disagreements, arguments, discord…

argument,discord,disagreementNone of us is an island, and in our quest to carve out a meaningful life, we encounter resistance. Often a lot, even more often, from people who “should” be on our side. Sometimes that person disagreeing with you is is me… if you are one of my students.

The question is: how are you going to be? Who are you going to be? Are there any tricks that make it easier than it is to live life in a sea of disagreements?

I had an experience of discord this morning, an argument 1.
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Divinity: Can you activate in you something that is not already there?

satsangMy early attempts to activate divinity were complete failures.

It wasn’t a course: it was a process. I called it “The Juice Process” at the time, and have done it either one-on-one, or two or three-on-one. I had two “apprentices” to learn the process. That’s why the one or two other people were on the call in addition to the client and myself.

There was also another reason: one-on-one conversations can by hijacked by the client: their “machine” will want to argue, or take the conversation to a totally unproductive place.

People loved it, and many paid $300 for it.

I loved the process, I hated the results.

Something was missing. People forgot what they saw in the process, and continued living their lives like before, somewhat happier, somewhat lighter, but still… there was no transformation, there was no breakthrough: it was a disappointment for me, no matter how much money people paid me.

And although the current Activate Divinity Program could be producing the kind of results I envision: it hasn’t.

Let me first tell you what we are doing, and then I will reveal what’s missing, ok?

In the current Activate Divinity Program we set out to integrate your denied “fragments of self.”

How do you deny your self? Something happens and you decide, as the aftermath, that you don’t want to be that person… or you hide it so deep, that you forget about it.

Here are some examples:
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Vibrational Review: Holosync

bill harris holosync meditation

Bill Harris personal vibration: 210 (3/15/15) has risen since I first measured it
Holosync free disc (efficacy): 7% (200 vibration). But it does a particular job really well… it wakes up the brain that it is not in touch with reality…
Holosync whole program truth value: 2%
Holosync as methodology and theory for self-growth: truth value: 7%

Holosync is a mechanical operation, a lot like breathing, that may leave you with permanent improvement of your machine, your brain.
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