Intention is the beginning of all transformation

The power of intention

Most people don’t know the power of intention, it because they have never experienced it, because they don’t know how to get access to intention.

They never intend. They live inside wanting to, needing to, having to, and should… the horizontal plane, the Valley of the Shadow of Death… Fear of death, fear of annihilation. Continue reading “Intention is the beginning of all transformation”

Reality? collective hunch at best. Choose your delusion

Reality? collective hunch at best. Choose your delusions wisely.

What does this mean for you? That you, by necessity, live in an illusion, or delusion: you live in your own interpretation of what reality is… and your actions will be consistent with that delusional reality. Continue reading “Reality? collective hunch at best. Choose your delusion”

How to become worth a damn? Because you aren’t…

The only real security is your ability to produce

Want to become worth a damn?

Become a genius at implementation. At getting things done. That is where the magic is…

Honestly, whatever you buy, whatever you learn: make sure you implement it, 100%, 110%… and become the best at it. Continue reading “How to become worth a damn? Because you aren’t…”

Transformation? Can a frog really transform into a prince?

What is transformation? How does transformation help you to live a life of purpose, grace and ease? And how is transfiguration a whole different ball of wax? Continue reading “Transformation? Can a frog really transform into a prince?”

The results of coaching depend on the client

No matter how skillful the guidance, the teaching, the coaching, the results will depend on the guided… On their skill and diligence.

And willingness.

Any guidance, any teaching, any coaching is choosing. And when you choose, unless you unchoose something you’ll stop and flail and stop moving. Continue reading “The results of coaching depend on the client”

How bad do you want it? Not that bad, I see!

success indicatorI have a workshop I give occasionally. (What’s missing) In all honesty, I stole it from Landmark, and yet I consider it my own.

In that workshop there is a moment of drama. Drama that opens your eyes wide, and you are mortified by seeing who you are, and how you are. Continue reading “How bad do you want it? Not that bad, I see!”

Who are you? Are you The Dude, or are you your name?

who are you?I just read an article in the Monday Morning Memo and I cringed. It hit me what b.s. is being propagated as wisdom.

As you have seen, if you have been with me for more than a week, you would know that I knock the idea of beliefs being important to your success in life. And after reading Roy Williams article, I am also going to start knocking the notion that the why is what’s important. Continue reading “Who are you? Are you The Dude, or are you your name?”

Reality? collective hunch at best! said Lily Tomlin

lily-tomlin-actress-quote-reality-is-nothing-but-a-collective-hunchMy article Energies Part 4: Designer Energies has been read by many people, and everyone I have spoken with, has, so far, misunderstood it. It matches not reality, but what they think of as reality

Why? Because the article touches on the most fundamental worldview through which you perceive everything: Through your personal reality.

You can’t see it, you can’t verbalize it, you don’t believe when someone calls it your worldview: it is reality for you, and that’s that.

No matter who it is, what they do for a living, what level of education, what level of vibration they are at: we all have a personal reality. Each vastly different from another’s…

In a conversation I just had with a client who is of Hungarian descent but was born in this country (the USA) I shared that Hungarian parents don’t talk to their children in the high pitch voice and baby words as Amarican parents do. They talk lovingly, but normally.

Hungarian children… Continue reading “Reality? collective hunch at best! said Lily Tomlin”

How is responsibility the key to power? Real power…

Responsibility: if it is to be it is up to meAs usual, I am going to take the scenic route… I hope you’ll walk it with me, and get the enormous power of responsibility in causing yourself to have a life you can love.

Let’s start with looking at the word: Mentality

The word mentality is a lot similar to attitude, but while attitude is emotional, mentality is like a narrative, a whole story about how life should be, how people should be, how it was pre-ordained, who you are supposed to be, how you are supposed to be… blah blah blah.

By the way, narrative is the story you tell yourself, the explanation of life, your actions, of how you feel and why. It can change over time.

reality, occurrence, narrativeIf you are one of my students, it is the right circle… while the left circle, what happened, can remain unchanged, every person has a different narrative, explanation, comment, story, meaning about it. Continue reading “How is responsibility the key to power? Real power…”

What is my superpower that made me a producer?

if I had a superpowerI have discovered my superpower that has rendered me as productive as a team of three. That has allowed me to consistently be a producer, for the past 58 years, producing way beyond what a normal person would.

Want to know my superpower?

I have three major emotional, gutter responses to things to do: Continue reading “What is my superpower that made me a producer?”