I got a nasty attachment this morning… nice people… appreciation capacity

the unwashed hands... the origin of most of our attachments that are killing usI see the so-called distance healers the same as the people who use coat hangers to perform an abortion. They may kill the child, they may kill both.

They pretend to be on your side, but really they are all about “desire to receive for the self alone”.

Distance healers leave their “channel” in you… like coat hanger abortioners leave the dirt and pathogens in you. And then you are on your own… suddenly not well. Suddenly carrying the proof of their guilt.

I was directly attacked by a “distance healer” today. They aimed at my tangerine spot but they don’t know where it is, so they missed it by about an inch. I pulled the attachment right away, but the skull where the attachment hit is now sore. Very sore.

Nice people.
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Vibrational Review: Distance Healer Adam Fulmore

Vibrational Review: Dr. Adam Fulmore distance healer, Intuitive health solutions

I read this guy, Adam Fulmore’s site, asked for a sample energy session transcript.

I connected to the person the session was with. My experience of the person was similar as his, although I don’t see colors, and I don’t deal in chakras.

When I muscle test his “solutions”, muscle test says that he is able to do 10% of what he thinks he can.

Ultimately he removes congestion, which doesn’t mean much to me. At sounds to me like hokus pokus, though if he uses chi gong moves, like I learned from Chuny Lin, maybe.

All in all, I would not call Adam Fulmore a fraud, he actually believes that he does what he does.

His personal vibration is 160, and his method registers as 10% effective.

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