Can you grow? Grow curiosity, intelligence, motivation?

Let me start with a joke:

How to have a million dollars in business? Start with two million

How do you make a million dollars in the restaurant business? Start with two million

This is the joke that is making the circles in my brain when I think about how to have clients who have ambition, motive power, and actually accomplish stuff? Continue reading “Can you grow? Grow curiosity, intelligence, motivation?”

Happiness? Unhappiness? What is underneath of it all?

happiness unhappinessI am going to go off on the Bach energy Vine… yet again. Are you unhappy yet?

But before I do that, let me bore you a little more… and do a little vocabulary lesson.

If you get it, your chances for happiness increase ten-fold. If you don’t… ahem… you know what will happen.

The word occur or occurrence… is misused in the English language… It does NOT mean: happen. Happen is another word…

Occur means: present itself TO someone.

Lots of things can happen, but a lot fewer occur… i.e. the tree falling in the forest happens, but it only occurs if there is an observer. Continue reading “Happiness? Unhappiness? What is underneath of it all?”

She killed her daughter and her grandson…

relationship This article is about relating… relationship…

…and what can go wrong, what always goes wrong with relationships… And how the same things could go right with just a little thought… Everything the internet says is shallow, surface, and cheap… instead I suggest distinctions.

I live in a two-family home. I live upstairs. This apartment used to be the owner’s… when their kids got too big, they bought another house and started to rent both apartments.

I know the owner, I know his wife, and I know that people in this street still remember how they used to fight, cats and dogs, scream loud enough for everyone to hear.

Now his daughter is renting the downstairs apartment…. Continue reading “She killed her daughter and her grandson…”

What do you see? How do you see? same old same old?

wheere is the beefYour primary goal is to look

I once did a Landmark Education seminar where the main ‘mantra’ was (I paraphrase the funky Landmark language for you): ‘stand in front of what you can’t see, and keep on looking even though you can’t see anything

Most impatient people (that is most people) latch onto something irrelevant, and stop looking. They are like a dog with a bone… There is no hurry on the creative plane… only on the horizontal plane… what you can see easily is most likely irrelevant, and a sidetrack, preventing you from actually seeing what is important. Continue reading “What do you see? How do you see? same old same old?”

Sticky point: tell the self apart from the not-self

Being able to tell the self apart from other things, the not-self. 1

You are not your feelings, not your thoughts, not your history. Not even what you do, or what you have, or what you have achieved!

I didn’t realize that this is such a big issue, collapsing all these and calling it “you”.

This is the source of unclarity, and ultimately it is the source of the delusional self and misery. Utter misery.

What am I talking about?

One aspect of clarity is to be able to tell the person from their actions. The person from their feelings. The person from their story or history. The person from what they have done. The person from everything else…

It seems that at a low level of clarity (low vibration) this isn’t obvious.

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You are a racketeer. Small time, bit player. Smoke and mirrors…

Why is drama a racket? Why is it never real…

Life is never dramatic. The drama is added by the onlookers or the participants.

Things happen. And you do what you do. You may get mauled, killed, or laughed at. But drama only happens in your head… it is never out there.

You look in the mirror and you see what you see.

I look in the mirror and I see loser. Why? I don’t care. I know there is no loser there… in fact there is no loser anywhere. so I have a choice: make drama or not make drama.

Most of my life, like everyone, I was making drama.

I found clever or not so clever ways to make people say that I was a loser or something like it. Other ways to prove I was or I wasn’t.

Life was a drama around being a loser. Continue reading “You are a racketeer. Small time, bit player. Smoke and mirrors…”

I activate a new capacity for you… will it change your life? Republished

under-the-hood-2I am republishing this article, because you need it… now.

I can activate DNA capacities energetically. It was a question for a while if it works… and it turned out that unless you use a capacity it won’t stay “ON”. Your “system” preserves energy, and an unused capacity uses a lot of energy, while it isn’t used.

I activate a new capacity. If you used it, a whole new world would open up for you… But for you nothing happened… But what just happened?

When I activate a new capacity, you have an opportunity. You either take it or you don’t.

Opportunities come with a count-down timer… They expire. That’s why the phrase says: window of opportunity…

You continue doing what you have always done, exactly the way you have always done it.

What happens? The opportunity closes. That’s it. Good bye.

There are 160 capacities that you could, potentially, activate.
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